What is Thigh Lift NYC?

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One of the cosmetic surgeries we do at Discreet Plastic surgeon NYC is a thigh lift. A thigh lift, also known as a lower body lift is a surgery done to remove excess skin from the thighs.

The excess skin could be as a result of aging or weight loss. It could also be a genetic condition and exercises alone may not solve the issue. Excess skin in the inner thigh area may cause a lot of discomfort as the constant chafing of the skin could cause rashes and infections. Book an appointment with us for your Thigh Lift NYC experience.

Ideal Candidates for Thigh Lifts

Are you considering having a thigh lift? The individuals in need of this post are those suffering from sagging skin on their thighs. The surgeon will assess you first to know if you are fit to handle the procedure.

The patients need to be both physically and psychologically fit. You, however, need to know if the procedure is ideal for you. For one, a thigh lift is best when you are no longer gaining weight. It works best for people that have reached the point in their life when they are on a plateau, no longer gaining weight. In case you need to gain more weight, then you should wait first then get the thigh lift later.


The patient needs to prepare adequately for the procedure in order for the procedure to be successful. The surgeon will give you some guidelines to follow in order to be fit for the surgery both physically and mentally. Most of the instructions will be on what to eat for essential vitamins, things to avoid such as smoking and so on.

You may also need to make arrangements with a friend to drive you home after the procedure. The same friend could also help you out at home during the first two days. It is important to notify the surgeon in case you get complications before the surgery. For instance, if you get an infection, the surgery would have to be postponed.


The surgery is pretty intense, and the surgeon will put you under anesthesia before beginning the task. You are out cold all through the procedure. The surgeon makes an incision from the groin area all the way to the knee along the inner thigh. The surgeon may also extend the incision from the groin, around the hip to tighten the skin on the outer thigh.

It is through the incisions that the surgeon will now tighten the inner tissues to achieve the desired look. The results of the surgery are tighter and firmer contours.


After the surgery, the surgeon will give you a few guidelines on how to handle yourself through the healing process. You will be administered with pain relievers to ease the pain that will kick in as the anesthesia wear off. You will also be advised on the simple walking exercises you’ll take to avoid blood clots in the treated areas. After the first 2 or 3 days, you can take a shower.

The surgeon will also give you some antibiotics to prevent infections. It is important to keep in touch with your Thigh Lift NYC surgeon for a follow up on your progress. You could share concerns, if any, with them for their advice. Though the first few months will be characterized by lots of swelling, with time the swelling will end, and your fresh new look will be apparent.