We specializes in treatments for the face, breast & body to improve your appearance

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Plastic Surgeon NYC

Discreet Plastic Surgeons NYC is a board certified practice that specializes in treatments for the face, breast, and body to improve your appearance. Our plastic surgeon NYC experience ensures you get exquisite services that will correct any faults you may have with your body.

Below have been discussed some of the common procedures that we offer at our practice.

Nose (Rhinoplasty)

The nose is the first part of the face that anyone sees when they approach you and any slight change on it may affect your look greatly. Rhinoplasty refers to the surgery on the nose to change its shape and appearance. This is one of the services we offer at our practice as more and more people are today looking for efficient procedures to improve the appearance of their faces.


Botox treatments are a new procedure that our plastic surgeon NYC offers. Botox provides solutions for wrinkles on the face. In today’s generation, we no longer have to take simple complications such as wrinkles on the face as major throwbacks. Botox employs the use of small needles to correct issues on the face such as wrinkles, frown lines and grooves on the hands and neck.


Fillers refer to a new kind of treatment containing collagen protein, the protein required for healthy skin. After the fillers have been put onto your system, you’ll be sure to counter problems such as wrinkles on the face and that way you’ll improve the appearance of your face for the better.

Tattoo Removal

We also offer tattoo removal services for affected patients. However, this procedure works best for patients having small tattoos. The tattoos are removed by means of a scalpel to erase the tattoo after which the skin is sutured.

Reconstructive Surgery

This is a concept used to repair body organs that may have undergone certain trauma affecting your appearance. The wounds can be corrected by skin grafts, increasing the size of the skin and flaps. Our cosmetic surgeons use this concept in breast lifting, breast enhancement, face lift, forehead lift, and so on.

Tummy Tuck

Sometimes you may find that you have fat deposits or sagging skin around the tummy area. This leads to a condition where you have sagging skin that won’t leave regardless of the number of exercises you do or the number of times you try to keep a healthy diet. The surgery is meant to remove the excess skin around the midline section and repair the stomach muscles to achieve that flat tummy that everyone desires.

Palate Repair

A cleft lip and palate are a birth defect that affects the appearance of your face. However, such a condition can be corrected by surgery. After a successful procedure from our established practice, we can restore you to your perfect appearance.


In case you have any issue with your appearance and you are wondering if it can be corrected by surgery, higher chances are it can. By booking an appointment at Discreet Plastic Surgeons NYC, you can be sure to have a permanent makeover that will leave you at the most appealing appearance possible.