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Thigh lift NYC

What is thigh lift surgery? This is a plastic surgery procedure which is also termed as a medial thigh lift or thigh plasty. This is basically a surgical procedure in which excess thigh fats and skins are removed. Due to old age, normally the thigh skin together with the thigh fat sags. This is because, as one becomes old, the natural tightening of loose skin becomes impossible.

Dieting also will not help to regain tighter skin when one is old. Here at discreet plastic surgery clinic, we have the best surgeon to perform thigh lift NYC. Our discreet plastic surgeon NYC dr. Kaufman will make your thighs firmer, toned and trimmed.


Thigh lift candidates

We normally perform thigh lift NYC majorly to those patients who have a good physical condition. If you are physically fit, and you have got loose, inelastic skin that sags, then you are our best candidate. If you have tried all the possible weight loss procedures and failed, it is a good time for you to try thigh lift surgery.

Our best candidates as well are the older women, who have got excess body tissues in their thighs. Thigh lift surgery would give better results if the individual undergoing this surgery had previously stabilized their weight using the different weight loss procedures.


Thigh lift preparation process

Here at discreet plastic surgery clinic, we do prepare our patient before prior to the surgery. Our highly skilled surgeon, dr. Kaufman will have a discussion with you concerning your desired end appearance and look. During the consultation, you should clearly state your goals and desired expectations.

Next, you will have to undergo certain physical examination to ensure that you are fit for the surgery. Thigh lift surgery requires the use of anesthesia. We induce unconsciousness using the right anesthesia for you after we have taken you through preoperative instructions. We ensure that you are well aware of everything that you need to know about thigh lift NYC.


Thigh lift procedure

Dr. Kaufman, a specialist in plastic surgery, is conversant with the different thigh plasty techniques. Liposuction technique will be used on the upper thigh to remove excess fats and the overlying skin causing relatively elastic and toned skin.

Thigh lifts NYC other technique is the combination of liposuction technique with the removal of loose skin. We use this technique whenever the patient has moderate excess skin with excess fat. Our surgeon ensures that no or invisible scar remains after the surgery. Normally the technique we settle to use depends on the amount of excess skin or fat at the thigh.

Once we have performed thigh lift NYC, the thigh skin becomes tighter and toned. For the surgical wound to heal fast, you will have surgical drains or even compression garment that is wrapped on the thigh.  A

After you have undergone this surgery, it is good to be active and to maintain good posture and positioning. In order to maintain the tightened skin, it is also important to be conscious of your diet and general lifestyle.

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