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Tummy Tucks For Him: Manhattan Abdominoplasty for Men

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Can Men Get Abdominoplasty?

Up until recently, cosmetic surgery was thought of as exclusively for women. Things have changed, though, and plastic surgeries among men have become very common. Several Manhattan abdominoplasty clinics provide men with cosmetic services that give the appearance of a younger, healthier, and more toned body. Men struggle with diet and exercise just like women do, and they face increasing pressure to have the perfect body and face. Those that do exercise and eat well may find that all of their efforts are ineffective against stubborn fat – especially in the belly area. For men like this, an abdominoplasty in Manhattan can deliver better health and self image.

Male abdominoplasty is essentially the same process as female abdominoplasty, but with different requests for the end result. Men tend to seek a  more ‘finely sculpted’ physique, with contours and cuts that are well-defined. Manhattan abdominoplasty clinics for men provide specialized surgeries that give men tighter abdominal muscles and a well-defined, masculine profile. Men can also get a slimmer waistline, which is crafted to suit their personal preferences and body proportions.

How Does a Tummy Tuck Work?

A Manhattan tummy tuck is a simple procedure. Canulas are inserted into areas of the body that have high fat deposits. The fat is then dislodged and suctioned out from the body. After reducing the size of a protruding belly, several ‘tightening’ procedures may be performed to flex the skin and muscles of the abdomen. An effective male tummy tuck can result in a tighter, flatter and perfectly contoured mid-section.


However, all men should keep in mind that a successful Manhattan tummy tuck surgery does not guarantee eternal fitness. To stay in good shape, it is necessary to eat well and stay active. Long periods of inactivity combined with an imbalanced diet will mar the results of even the best abdominoplasty surgery.

Who Should Get a Tummy Tuck?

Getting a tummy tuck is quite safe and, if done properly, rarely poses any risk. Anyone who wishes to get their mid-section in shape, regardless of gender, can opt for abdominoplasty in Manhattan. The surgery is ideal for those men who have:

  • Weak abdominal muscles
  • Sagging belly skin
  • Excess fat deposits beneath the abdominal skin
  • An exceeding waistline
  • Visible stretch marks due to weight loss
  • Deformed mid-section
  • Significantly noticeable love handles
  • Loose and hanging bellies

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