Tummy tuck NYC is the best solution to your extra tummy fat


Tummy tuck NYC

Are you struggling with extra tummy fat? Visit us today at our clinic. At a discreet plastic surgery clinic, you will meet our surgeon, dr. Daniel Kaufman. He is the discreet plastic surgeon NYC who performs different types of plastic surgeries.

Tummy tuck NYC is the best solution to your extra tummy fat. Dr. Kaufman advises women who have had children and are not planning to have more to get tummy tuck surgery. This procedure is best for post-pregnancy women whose tummy fat did not respond to dieting and exercise.


Why get tummy tuck surgery?

The main reason why people get tummy tuck surgery is to reduce sagging abdomen on the tummy. Women love to maintain their perfect body shape. In many occasions, we have received women patients who require this procedure. There are so many factors that lead to sagging time. Such factors include; pregnancy, smoking, aging, weight loss or weight gain.

The other reason why people opt for tummy tuck surgery is to avoid strenuous body exercise and starving diets. Normally, in an attempt to maintain good tummy shape, women normally do vigorous sit-ups exercises or avoid adopt a certain diet. However, such efforts may not give the best result. Tummy tuck NYC becomes the only most effective and efficient way of dealing with tummy fats.


Tummy tuck procedure

Discreet plastic surgeon NYC, dr. Kaufman, is our well known and trusted surgeon. Moreover, here at our clinic, we have the best tools and equipment. Our main objective is that the patient receives a safe and successful operation. Before we perform tummy tuck NYC, we first take our patients through consultation procedure.

During the consultation, we allow our patient to ask any question concerning the procedure. We also make our patient aware of the whole procedure and possible side effects. After the consultation, the patient is given anesthesia to induce numbness during the operation. Our specialized surgeon will then proceed to cut through the tummy and extract excess fats and skin.


Tummy tuck recovery process

Once we are done with the surgery, we take you through the healing process. Tummy tuck NYC is one of the surgeries that require a careful and responsible recovery process. Our surgeon will give you postoperative instructions that you must follow for the wound to heal faster and safely. Once you have had this kind of surgery, you should avoid tight clothes, it will be best if you wear very loose garments to avoid any injury on the wound. We also prescribe certain medications to ease pain during the recovery process. More importantly, constants checkup after healing is good.

We also encourage our patients who have undergone tummy tuck NYC to be active at home, to maintain good posture and to maintain a healthy diet. All these will help you to recover faster, to maintain good body shape and most importantly to resume to your daily routine work. Here at discreet plastic surgery NYC, we want our patients to have the best results, just as they looked forward to attaining. Visit us today to have your perfect tummy shape.