Top Tummy Tuck Surgeons in NYC

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There are many out there who are stressing with a fatty tummy which hinders them a number of activities; inclusive wearing fitting clothes and having button pants. For such they tend to fight the limitation by adapting to dieting, going to the gym, home sit-ups, drinking green tea and taking relative herbal remedies with no long term results.

However, you should not stress as much as there is a permanent method to get rid of these stubborn abdominal fats. Plastic surgery of NYC tummy tuck is what you need. We conduct the procedure here at Discreet Plastic Surgery NYC.

The surgical procedure of  NYC tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is performed exclusively to get rid of the excess flab and sagging skin in your lower abdomen. This is designed to achieve a smoothened toned high-quality abdominal profile.

Our team of plastic surgeons offers incredibly high-quality surgical procedures for tummy tuck here at Discreet plastic surgery in NYC. Our rates are affordable too.

Causes of a tummy sag

Belly fats are usually one of the most body embarrassing traits which tend to make most of us have or develop low self-esteem.

Every individual of a normal body proportion may be prone to a protruding, sagging or fatty abdomen.

Button bursts and clothes tear are among the negative effects of a big tummy.

The following are the common causes which are associated with developing a fatty, sagging and lose abdomen:

  • Obese persons tend to have too many fats accumulated in their lower abdomen.
  • Excessively consuming foods are rich in fats.
  • Lack of enough sleep. This tends to boost weight gain which in turn causes tummy sag.
  • Aging- As we age, the skin tends to respond poorly to dieting as it is weak. This harnesses loose muscle and builds up a foundation for tummy fats around the abdominal area.
  • Previous surgery- Caesarian section, CS, performed by a surgeon during delivering a baby may enhance tummy sag. Alike, other surgical operations within the abdominal area may lead to a sagging and loose abdomen.
  • Pregnancy- Since the baby is already delivered, most mothers are left with an empty belly and with no proper care such as effective exercises; tummy fat and sagging skin may accumulate.
  • Genetics- It does not come as a surprise that the tummy sag condition may be a hereditary issue.

The right candidature for an NYC tummy tuck

NYC tummy tuck is quite limited to a number of candidates who are in a good health state. Obese persons and women who have been pregnant severally may find the surgery useful for tightening their abdominal muscles, reducing skin and getting rid of flab.

At Discreet plastic surgery NYC you are considered the least candidate for abdominoplasty if, as a woman, you are considering to be pregnant for the first time or you would love to get pregnant again. Similarly, persons who want to lose excessively too much weight all at once are considered as an imperfect fit for NYC tummy tuck.

Blessings of the NYC tummy tuck

  • Well toned flattened abdomen.
  • Improved body shape and structure.
  • Weight loss.

After treatment drawbacks

  • Blood clotting.