Thigh lift NYC procedure


Dr. Daniel Kaufman, who is the best surgeon at discreet plastic surgery, performs thigh lift procedure. The thigh lift is a plastic surgery procedure that involves the removal of excess fats and sagging skin on the upper part of the leg. The thigh sags typically a result of so many reasons. First, aging is one common factor that leads to thigh sagging. Moreover, one’s thigh can sag as a result of excess weight loss leaving fatty tissues on the thighs. When the thigh sags, it looks so ugly and also makes one feel uncomfortable. Thigh lift NYC is a corrective surgical procedure that helps to retain a tighter skin on your inner upper part of the legs.


Consultation stage before thigh lift procedure

During this session, Dr. Kaufman checks whether you are the best candidate for the surgical procedure. Also, at the consultation stage, the surgeon will expect to know the expectations and goals of the surgery. This will help the surgeon to decide the best way of performing the surgical procedure in order to give you the best result. Also, at this stage, the surgeon will review your surgical history to make the procedure less risky. Thigh lift NYC surgery will be performed according to the best thigh contouring that will fit you.


Prior preparation to thigh lift surgery

Before any surgery is done, Dr. Kaufman will ask you to get prior checkups that will either involve lab analysis or even X-rays. Moreover, you will be advised to avoid certain things prior to the day of surgery such as smoking. Some other practices that should be avoided include blood-thinning medications, anti-inflammatory products and also aspirin-containing substances. Personally, you will also need to get ready for the surgery. You should probably get someone to help at home when you are away and when you are recovering since you will be advised to avoid lifting heavy things around the house after the surgery. Just before the surgeon performs the surgical procedure, he will give you local anesthesia to make you comfortable during the procedure. Before getting your thigh lift NYC, you should prepare adequately for it, both psychologically and physically.


Thigh lift procedure

The primary goal of performing thigh lift surgery is to extract as much fat as possible. The procedure will thus depend on whether the fat to be extracted is much or less. The liposuction procedure will be suitable if the fat to be extracted is less. If the excess fat is moderate, the surgeon will use a combination of liposuction and removal of excess skin.

Moreover, if the skin and fats are in a significant amount, the surgeon will be required to extend the incisions to the groin or even the buttocks. The procedures above will be determined before carrying out the actual surgery. This surgeon has performed several successful thigh lifts NYC surgery procedures. If you want to have a thigh lift surgery, ensure that you book an appointment today for your visit to be scheduled.