The procedure for getting a nose job

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Plastic surgery can be done on whichever part of the body to improve aesthetics and also body organ functioning. One of the plastic surgery procedures that are gaining more and more popularity in public is rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery. Nose surgery NYC is intended to change the shape of the nose and improve its function. Nose surgery can either be done for cosmetic purposes or treatment purposes. It can be done for correcting breathing and nose related problems. For the best nose surgery services in the city, you can consult Discreet Plastic Surgeon NYC. They have a team of dedicated plastic surgeons who can cater for any of your plastic surgery needs. Visit them today and enjoy convenient rhinoplasty near you.

How is it done?

A nose surgery, also known as a nose job, is usually conducted as an outpatient service. This means you won’t have to stay at the clinic overnight for recovery. In plastic surgery treatment, the surgeon has to first understand your expectations of the surgery in order to provide unique and individualized treatment. If the plastic surgeon finds that the procedure you are requesting cannot be performed with minimal risk, he may opt for other procedures that have less risk.

You should keep in mind to some conditions may hinder a nose surgery NYC. You should inquire about this from the plastic surgeon before starting the procedure. When you first visit the plastic surgery clinic, you normally undergo a consultation session with the surgeon.


Before any procedures can commence, you must first convey your issue to the plastic surgeon. During the consultation session, you are supposed to inform the plastic surgeon of your goals of treatment and what you would like to change about your nose. Before anything, you should know that a nose surgery NYC cannot give you a perfect nose.

However, the plastic surgeon will try their level best to provide you with your expected results. During this session, the plastic surgeon will discuss with you the cost and risks involved in the procedure. Once you decide that you will go through with the procedure, the surgeon will begin.

Actual process

First, the plastic surgeon will induce some local anesthesia to make you numb during the procedure. You can as well opt for general anesthesia which makes you unconscious for the whole nose surgery NYC.

The surgeon will then cut into the nostrils and reshape the nose cartilage to provide the desired appearance. When necessary, the surgeon may have to cut the bridge of the nose as well in order to shape the nose accordingly. After reshaping the nose, the surgeon stitches the cuts and dresses the wound for it to heal.

Rhinoplasty recovery

A nose surgery NYC will recover within two weeks from the procedure. You may experience some swelling around the nose, but it will go away within the third day.

To facilitate better recovery, you may have to stay away from vigorous activities until the nose job heals completely. By the third week, there will be no signs of the nose job, and you can enjoy using your transformed nose. Visit Discreet Plastic Surgeon NYC today and get the best nose surgery service in the city.