The Key to Getting a Natural-Looking Facelift

The effects of aging can take their toll on a person. When looking in the mirror causes stress and anxiety rather than confidence and security, it may be time for a facelift. But what happens if you leave the operating room with an overdone look that leaves you feeling uncomfortable? It is not uncommon to be worried about an unnatural appearance following this procedure, but the key to getting a natural-looking facelift you desire is well within your grasp. Keep reading to learn more!

Common Facelift Concerns

Getting a facelift is an exciting prospect, but many patients worry that making the commitment to plastic surgery could be too risky. Although the Discreet Plastic Surgery team can help you come up with a plan for avoiding these issues and creating the most natural look possible, here are a few common facelift concerns patients ask us about before the procedure: 


Perhaps one of the most common examples of “botched” plastic surgery, this stretched, strained look is usually the first thing new patients bring up during their consultation. When a surgeon pulls the skin too tightly or fails to consider the patient’s unique facial features, unnatural-looking facelifts may cause a pulled appearance. 

No one wants an overdone, “windblown” look, but this can be avoided with the right surgeon. 

Loss of Expression

Another fear keeping patients from going under the knife to achieve a younger look is losing their facial movement or ability to express their emotions properly. This issue typically goes hand-in-hand with over-correction. If the surgeon pulls the skin too tightly over the face, the worry is that the results will reveal a frozen or mask-like appearance instead of a natural healthy glow. 

However, with careful planning and the right surgeon, this is usually not an issue. 

Visible Scarring

Because facelifts require surgeons to make incisions in the skin, it’s not unusual for patients to express concern that these scars will affect their appearance after the procedure. This problem comes down to scar placement and the skill of the surgeon. Because visible scarring is usually a result of poor surgical technique, taking your time in choosing the right surgeon will help prevent this issue from occurring. 

The Keys to a Natural-Looking Facelift

Problems like over-correction, loss of expression, and visible scarring are all easily preventable concerns. By following these steps, you can achieve a natural-looking facelift without fear of windblown skin or noticeable irregularities. 

#1: See a Qualified Plastic Surgery Expert

The number one way to get the results you desire is to choose a highly-skilled, highly-experienced plastic surgeon. Unnatural, overdone effects are usually the result of an inexperienced surgeon, so choosing the right professional for your needs will make all the difference in your results. 

Remember: the surgeon’s office is not the place to bargain-hunt, settle for less, or feel rushed. Meet with multiple surgeons to make sure you feel comfortable with the professional performing the operation and learn whether their approach fits the facelift results you want to achieve. 

#2: Know Your Goals Beforehand & Communicate Them Well

Coming into your plastic surgery consultation with a general idea of the concerns, needs, and goals you have for your facelift will go a long way toward getting a natural look that you feel comfortable with. After all, only you can decide whether or not you look like yourself, so be sure to explain to your surgeon exactly what you want to achieve. Transparent communication is key here, so don’t hold back or underexplain. 

#3: Combine Your Facelift with Other Treatments

A complete facial rejuvenation is not always complete without additional treatments to the surrounding tissue. For example, a flawless face paired with a sagging neckline could make your facelift much more obvious and unnatural in appearance. Many patients opt to undergo neck lifts, eyelid surgery, or brow lifts in addition to their facelift procedure to maximize the effects within one session. 

#4: Follow Your Post-Op Instructions with Care

After your procedure, it is crucial to follow the post-op instructions provided by your doctor. Allowing yourself the proper healing time will reduce strain against your new incisions, leaving you with the most natural-looking results possible. Doing so will also prevent complications that could arise during this phase of your facelift journey, so take it easy and ask your doctor about any concerns you may have. 

#5: Adopt New Lifestyle Changes & Habits

Moving forward, there are several steps you can take to further protect your skin and maintain your flawless results. The most basic of these tips is to choose a healthy, balanced diet and get enough sleep, both of which will generally improve the look of the skin and slow the aging process. Focusing on preventing sun damage will also help. However, above all, quitting smoking can reduce the effects of aging and improve the look of the skin following a facelift

The Key to Getting a Natural-Looking Facelift

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