How to Have a Successful Manhattan Abdominoplasty Consultation

shutterstock 308368127 - How to Have a Successful Manhattan Abdominoplasty Consultation

An abdominoplasty, better recognized for its colloquial name, “tummy tuck,” is a surgery that removes excess skin and fatty tissue from the abdomen. The procedure itself is rather simple, however, it is important for each candidate to feel prepared and confident. Ensure you get the best Manhattan abdominoplasty by following these tips to success.

Begin your journey to a flatter stomach by finding a trusted Manhattan abdominoplasty surgeon, such as Dr. Daniel Kaufman at Discreet Plastic Surgery. After scheduling your consultation for a Manhattan tummy tuck, be sure to do some research of your own. What type of tummy tuck are you seeking? What is your desired outcome and major concerns? What is the desired recovery time for you? After researching, you can talk to your surgeon, who will happily address questions, comments, and concerns. The more knowledge regarding the surgery you have prior to your consultation, the more fit you will be to have a successful consultation appointment.

When meeting with your surgeon, address any and all questions and make sure you are comfortable with them, the procedure, and the medical office space where the abdominoplasty will occur. Your surgeon will discuss with you whether or not you are a fit candidate for the procedure, and can help you take the subsequent steps if it is mutually decided it is safe for you to have the abdominoplasty. Take advantage of the time you are given during consultation to ensure you are comfortable with the procedure and the steps it entails.

Financial planning is another step for your abdominoplasty in Manhattan, or anywhere else, that will set you up for a successful treatment start to finish. During your consultation, be sure to discuss the full price of the surgery, including any down payments, and decide if the cost works for you. Your surgeon should inform you if any payment plans will be allowed, what may be covered by insurance, and if there is any way to get financial assistance. Just like the procedure itself, it is important to be well versed in the cost and due dates of payments before undergoing a tummy tuck.

Once you’ve decided to have a tummy tuck, be sure you understand the recovery time, as well as any medications you will need. There will likely be limitations on your activity for the first few weeks post-surgery, so you will need to take time off of work or home duties as you recuperate. Your doctor will also give you details on any important steps to take prior to the surgery, such as securing a ride to and from the appointment, filling your pain prescriptions in advance, and making sure you have over the counter medications that might be needed.

Completing these simple and important steps will guide you to a successful abdominoplasty and the sleek, flat stomach you desire. The client’s comfort and needs come first for those receiving a Manhattan abdominoplasty at Discreet Plastic Surgery. Contact Dr. Kaufman today by calling (212) 444-9095, or visiting the Discreet Plastic Surgery website.