Reasons for a Nose Surgery NYC


Nose Surgery NYC

Plastic surgery has become a common trend in the 21st century making it possible for people to change things that they do not like about themselves. A common procedure is a nose job which involves surgery to reshape one’s nose. The nose surgery also called rhinoplasty, requires a qualified surgeon as it is a delicate procedure. Discreet Plastic Surgeon is a renowned practice with offices in NYC, and it offers the best services in plastic surgery.

Reasons for a Nose Surgery

The main reason why people go for nose jobs is to look more attractive. Anyone can be dissatisfied in how their nose appears. It could be too big or too small, round, too pointy and so on. Obviously, there can never be a perfect nose. With surgery, however, your natural beauty can be brought out and highlighted. This is the cosmetic purpose of nose surgery, and its focus is purely on beauty. The surgery may also be done for medical purposes. A person may have breathing problems and require the services of a plastic surgeon if modifications on the nose may solve the problem. A disfigured nose may be due to an accident or problem at birth may also require a plastic surgery approach.


Nose surgery is an outpatient service as the procedure is achieved in a single session without having to admit the patient. The surgeon will administer anesthesia, either general or local, depending on the nature of the procedure and the patient’s wishes. With general anesthesia, you are out cold throughout while local anesthesia only numbs your nose, so you don’t feel any pain, and you are awake during the procedure. The surgeon cuts inside the nostrils and reshapes the nose’s cartilage coming up with the desired shape. Depending on the nature and severity of the surgery, sometimes the surgeon has to cut across the nose’s base.

This procedure requires high precision in order to avoid any damage. The teams of surgeons we have at Discreet Plastic Surgeon NYC are highly qualified and have worked in many successful cases. If you are looking for the best Nose surgery NYC experience, visit our NYC offices and book an appointment. We also offer consultation services where you get to talk to our surgeons before undergoing the procedure. They will listen to what you’d like to change about your nose appearance and will even advise you on the possible procedures.

Care and Recovery

After the procedure, the surgeon will give you a few guidelines on how to handle yourself during the healing process. Normally the surgeon will give you a nasal splint that you have to wear during the first week. You will appear sickly in the first few days with bruises around the eyes but do not worry about it. It is a common reaction. The bruises will clear in a week. The nose may also appear swollen for a few months. It is however maybe just you and your surgeon who will notice the swelling. By the end of about six months, the nose will have completely healed and taken its new shape.