Qualities of the best plastic surgeon in NYC

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Best Plastic Surgeon NYC

When you are considering plastic surgery, then you probably are searching for the best plastic surgeon NYC since plastic surgery is a delicate and sensitive matter. Opting to cheap and under qualified surgeons may lead to severe cases which are mostly irreversible and in some instances may require the expertise of the best plastic surgeon NYC to correct.

Plastic surgery is a branch that is based on improving the function or appearance of some body parts through cosmetic medical procedures. Here at discreet plastic surgery NYC, you are advantaged fair and professional surgical procedures.

Types of plastic surgery


In this type of plastic surgery, a tube is inserted beneath the skin to harness fats removal through sucking out fats using a device which is in a vacuum like shape. The surgical operation is usually performed on hips, abdomen or buttocks.

Nose job

Also referred to as rhinoplasty, a nose job is nose reshaping in order to configure it to being bigger or smaller or narrowing the nostrils span.

Augmentation mammaplasty

This type of surgery involves enlarging or reducing a woman’s breasts. The process involves using silicone filled implants.

Ear surgery

This involves correcting ear defects so as to improve the structure and appearance of the ear.


Also called tummy tuck, abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure which is based on improving the abdominal profile by getting rid of the fats and sagging skin around the tummy.


A difficult name to pronounce than it’s a latter, facelift, is a surgical procedure which involves removing excess fats and tightening facial muscles. This surgery is based on tightening the skin around the neck and face.


This procedure includes rubbing out blemishes of the face and wrinkles.

Hair transplantation

Loss of hair is quite high among men and this is deemed as insecurity among men.

However, the good news is the technique of hair transplants has come to fill off the gap.

Augmentation of the lips.

Achieving cleft chins.

Arms lifting.

Forehead lifting.

Thigh lifting.

Buttocks lifting.

Implants of the cheeks.

Eyelid lifting.

However, apart from the above types of plastic surgery, there are other types which happen on rare occasions such as leg implants and such which are of seldom news.

Qualities of the best surgeon NYC

  • Education and training– Solid education and years of investing in training are epitomai to the success of a plastic surgeon. Newbies into the plastic surgery world may hamper or produce poor results which might trigger a patient’s dissatisfaction.
  • Possesses integrity and are honest- Best plastic surgeon NYC is never afraid to recommend any type of plastic surgery if you are the right candidate for the prior procedure.
  • Reputation– Here at discreet plastic surgery NYC clinic we have reputable best surgeons who are among the top references when it comes to plastic surgery.
  • Has outstanding communication skills- When the plastic surgeon and the patient openly discuss the aesthetic objectives of the surgical operation, the potential perils and account realistic expectations is likely to make the potential patient satisfied and boosts the operation success.
  • Knowledgeable– The best plastic surgeon NYC does not need to be all knowing but he or she should possess skills that show he or she is aware of what they are doing and the risks involved.