Pros and cons of chemical peels NYC

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Chemical peels NYC

Chemical peels NYC help to improve the skin’s appearance and feel. Regards to this type of treatment at discreet plastic surgery NYC, a chemical solution is administered to the skin which harnesses the formation of a blister which eventually peels off. The achieved new skin is usually smoother and zero wrinkled than the old one.

Main uses of chemical peels NYC

Chemical peels NYC are mostly done on the face, hands, and neck.

For you to consider chemical peels NYC, you probably had some target goals and objectives you would want to achieve. Such may be a smoothened skin, improved skin appearance, getting rid of wrinkles and wanting to do away with the scars on your skin.

Nevertheless, you may have opted to other home remedies such as dieting and detoxification all to no avail. However, you should not lose hope in regaining that desirable skin as you can just visit us at discreet plastic surgery NYC clinic. In so doing you’ll benefit a number merits such as an improved skin appearance, affordable treatment rates, and skilled expertise.

The main uses that you will be advantaged when considering chemical peels NYC are as follows.

  • An improvement on the appearance of the mild scar.
  • Getting rid of wrinkles that are usually brought about by aging and in other instances sun damage.
  • Acne treatment. However, chemical peels are only limited to treat some various types of acne.
  • Melasma reduction. Melasma is dark patches mostly brought about by taking birth control pills or even a pregnancy side effect.
  • Reduction of age spots on the face.
  • Treating freckles.
  • Reduction of lines under eyes and nearby the mouth’s area.
  • To improve the overall look and feel of your facial, neck and hands skin.

The best candidates for chemical peels NYC

Typically, persons with a light skin complexion respond greatly to chemical peels NYC. Fair skinned individuals may also respond well to the treatment. Contrary, such is the case with dark-skinned individuals as they may develop an uneven skin tone after the procedure though with regards to whichever condition they are treated, they may also display positive results.

Sagging skin and more severe wrinkles may not respond well to chemical peels NYC. Fortunately, at discreet plastic surgery NYC they may receive an alternative treatment for such and bulges which may include a surgical procedure such as facelift or laser resurfacing among others.

At discreet plastic surgery NYC, we have skilled expertise of surgeons who may help in determining the most epitome treatment for you.

Diagnosis and treatment

Before deciding on the procedure of chemical peels, the surgeon will inquire about your overall skin condition as well as asking if you had undergone facial X-rays in the past.

Most chemical peels NYC have performed at our surgeon’s office here at discreet plastic surgery NYC clinic. Pain medication to ease the procedure is usually used.

Pros and cons of chemical peels NYC

The pros of chemical peels are:

  • Improved skin appearance.
  • Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines underneath the eye.
  • Reduction of melasma.
  • Produces a significant even skin tone.
  • Consumes less time and produces high-class results.
  • Softened skin.

The drawback is that it’s not the best method for more severe wrinkles and those who have skin defects.