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Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is now the most popular facial plastic surgery procedure after rhinoplasty. Cosmetic eyelid surgery is a procedure done to remove fat, excess skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids.
Through our lifetime various factors such as aging, sun damage, smoking, weight gain and loss, can cause the eyelids to droop and sag, as the supporting tissues deteriorate. This sagging of skin and other tissues above or below the eye that causes puffiness and dark circles, and “bags”, and in some cases can even impair vision. Using patient-tailored eyelid surgery, your doctor can correct drooping upper lids and puffy bags below the eyes, helping restore a more youthful, alert, and rested appearance to your eyes.

Who is a candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

The best candidates for cosmetic eyelid surgery include individuals who are in good overall health and without any serious eye conditions, and who have drooping upper eyelids and puffy bags below their eyes. Although most people considering having eye surgery are older, many people in their early adulthood begin to notice a tired appearance around their eyes. If such physical characteristics run in your family, you may consider having eyelid surgery at a younger age. Those individuals with special ophthalmic problems such as dry eye syndrome, glaucoma or a detached retina may be surgical candidates but require additional evaluation by an eye doctor.
At Discreet Plastic Surgery, your doctor will conduct a thorough consultation with you and recommend the best eyelid surgery treatment for you. Following this review you may schedule a convenient appointment for eyelid surgery.

The Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Initial Consultation Prior to Eyelid Surgery

At your initial consultation, you will carefully discuss your aesthetic concerns with your doctor, and define a tailored plan to improve your appearance. Your goals and expectations will be carefully considered and clarified. Your medical history will be reviewed in detail, and a physical examination will be conducted. Your doctor will then advise you which cosmetic eyelid surgery technique is best for you, and also discuss whether any additional procedures are appropriate.

Preparation for Eyelid Surgery

Minimal preparation is needed for your cosmetic eyelid surgery. Your doctor may request that you visit your private medical doctor and/or your eye doctor for a check-up and for any necessary lab work and x-rays. Precise preoperative instructions will be reviewed, and all necessary prescriptions will be given to you in advance of your eyelid surgery. You will be instructed to avoid smoking, blood thinning medications, and all aspirin, aspirin-containing products, and anti-inflammatory products (Advil® or ibuprofen, and Aleve®) at least ten days before surgery. In order to promote optimal healing, a complete and comprehensive preoperative instructions will be provided for you, detailing which medications to avoid, and which vitamins , minerals, and homeopathic preparations are ok to take prior to and after cosmetic eyelid surgery.


There is plenty of choice in administration of anesthesia for cosmetic eyelid surgery. Most blepharoplasty procedures are performed under light sedation with local anesthesia, however, general anesthesia may be used for anxious or nervous patients. Your doctor and our Board-certified anesthesiologists will help you make the decision of which type of anesthesia is best for you.

How Do Our Doctors Do the Procedure?

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is generally performed as an outpatient procedure at our Ambulatory Surgery Facility. It may be combined with other procedures, such as brow lift and/or a facelift. Depending on these choices, the procedure can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the targeted areas.
During upper eyelid surgery, your doctor is careful to place the incision in the curved eyelid crease of the upper eyelid. This natural fold of your eyelid creates a hidden scar and promotes inconspicuous healing. Your doctor then separates the skin from underlying tissue, removes excess fatty tissue, and then trims sagging skin and muscle, creating a lift effect.

In the lower eyelid, cosmetic surgery can be done through 2 different approaches. Similar to the upper eyelid procedure, your doctor hides the incision for lower eyelid surgery just below the lower lash line. Excess skin, fatty tissue, and sometimes muscle are removed through this incision to eliminate the bags under the eyes. When this incision heals, it is virtually imperceptible. If no excess skin is present, a scarless eyelid cosmetic surgery procedure can be done, where your doctor places a small incision on the inside of the eyelid (transconjunctival approach). Great care is then taken to remove and/or reposition the precise amount of lower eyelid fatty tissue. Additionally, skin contraction and tightening is can be performed using a laser or chemical peel.

Recovery and the Postoperative Period

No overnight stay is needed. Our eyelid surgery is an outpatient procedure that requires only a short rest in our comfortable recovery suite. We recommend applying lubricating ointment and cold compresses to help aid the healing process and minimize side effects such as swelling, bruising, irritation or dry eyes. When you are fully alert, you will be able to return home in the care of a responsible chaperon.

You will be encouraged to keep your head elevated for several days, and to use cold compresses at home to reduce swelling and bruising. There is very little if any pain following eyelid surgery. Pain medication is prescribed, although it is usually not necessary. Blurred vision is experienced by some patients for several days after cosmetic eyelid surgery, and the eyes may fatigue more easily during this time. The stitches are removed five to seven days following eyelid surgery. In most cases the bruising is minimal and resolves after the first week. You may then resume wearing makeup and using contact lenses. Most patients return to work and social activities after one week. We recommend avoidance of strenuous physical exercise for approximately 2 to 3 weeks following cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Results of Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

The results of cosmetic eyelid surgery are a more youthful, alert, and well-rested appearance without a change in the shape or expression of the eyes. Eyelid surgery results are permanent, though various lifestyle and hereditary factors may impact on your long-term results. The natural aging process will undoubtedly continue, and you may notice a relaxing of the skin around the eyes in the future. If this occurs, the excess skin can be removed safely and easily as in the future.

How much does eyelid surgery cost?

Eyelid surgery costs vary depending on exactly what technique is used and which areas are targeted. This will be outlined in detail during your consultation. Financing options are readily available.

What are our patients saying after eyelid surgery?

Our eyelid surgery patients are thrilled with their more youthful and refreshed appearance. Read what they have to say about the benefits of being a patient at Discreet Plastic Surgery.

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