Chin & Cheek Augmentation NYC

Chin & Cheek Augmentation Surgery

What is Chin & Cheek Augmentation Surgery?

Chin and cheek augmentation surgery are surgical procedures to reshape the cheeks and chin either by augmentation with an implant or other material. Chin implants, also known as mentoplasty or genioplasty, and cheek implants are done alone or in combination with other procedures, to help provide harmonious balance to the facial features and dramatically improve your facial profile. Using the latest minimal-scar techniques, your doctor can augment the shallow cheeks to give emphasis to the midface region, and enhance your weak chin and give definition and prominence to the jaw.
Chin augmentation surgery is commonly performed in conjunction with nose surgery (rhinoplasty) in order to achieve more appealing facial proportions, since the size of the chin may be affected by the new size and shape of the nose. It may also be combined with cheek implants or a lip augmentation for maximum aesthetic results.

Who is a candidate for Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation, or chin implant surgery is ideal for relatively healthy individuals with a weak or retrusive chin and/or prominent nose, as this procedure helps to balance those prominent profile facial features. Chin surgery is ideal for the people that are using soft tissue fillers to obtain a more prominent chin appearance, and are seeking a permanent solution to define the chin and neck line. Chin augmentation is also frequently combined with nose surgery (rhinoplasty), neck liposuction, and facelift. Patients who have problems with dentition, occlusion, and function of the jaw, or the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) must be assessed and cleared for surgery by their dentist or oral surgeon prior to chin surgery.

Cheek augmentation, or cheek implant surgery is ideal for relatively healthy individuals with sunken or weak cheeks. This can help emphasize those all-important cheek bones and enhance the youthful, refreshed appearance that we’ve lost over the years.

The Chin & Cheek Augmentation Surgery Procedure

Initial Consultation Prior to Chin and Cheek Surgery

At your initial consultation, your doctor and you will carefully discuss your aesthetic concerns, and define a tailored plan to improve your appearance. Your goals and expectations will be carefully considered and clarified. Your medical history will be reviewed in detail, and a physical examination will be conducted. Your doctor will then advise you which cosmetic chin surgery or cheek surgery technique is best for you, and also discuss whether any additional procedures are appropriate.

Preparation for Chin & Cheek Surgery

Your doctor may request that you visit your private medical doctor for a check-up and for any necessary lab work and x-rays. He may also require that you visit with your dental surgeon to exclude dental, periodontal, or maxillofacial disease. Precise preoperative instructions will be reviewed, and all necessary prescriptions will be given to you in advance of your chin augmentation surgery or cheek implant surgery. You will be instructed to avoid smoking, blood thinning medications, and all aspirin, aspirin-containing products, and anti-inflammatory products (Advil® or ibuprofen, and Aleve®) at least ten days before surgery. In order to promote optimal healing, a complete and comprehensive preoperative instructions will be provided for you, detailing which medications to avoid, and which vitamins , minerals, and homeopathic preparations are ok to take prior to and after cosmetic chin and cheek surgery.


There is plenty of choice in administration of anesthesia for chin augmentation or cheek augmentation surgery. Most chin and cheek surgery procedures are performed under general anesthesia, although sedation and local anesthesia are also feasible. Your doctor and our Board-certified anesthesiologists will discuss all the relevant topics when deciding on the optimal anesthesia plan for you.

How Do Our Doctors Do the Chin Augmentation Procedure?

The chin augmentation procedure involves an incision made either inside the lower lip or hidden inconspicuously in the skin under your chin. Using the intraoral incision (made inside the mouth) yields no visible scars resulting in no obvious sign that plastic surgery was performed. Depending on the approach, your doctor will design and construct a small pocket and will then place a carefully styled chin implant and stitch it into place.
If a bony reduction is needed, similar approaches may be taken, but instead of augmentation with an implant a manipulation of the chin bone is done and secured using bone hardware. This procedure is usually done in the hospital.

The cheek augmentation surgery is similarly done through an intraoral incision, and again, yields no visible scars. Your doctor then constructs a small pocket to fit the implant in and carefully places the styled implant into place.

Recovery and the Postoperative Period

No overnight stay is needed. Our doctor’s chin and/or cheek augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure that requires only a short rest in our comfortable recovery suite. When you are fully alert, you will be able to return home in the care of a responsible chaperon.
After the chin implant procedure, patients may experience tightness and swelling in the chin or cheeks. Any discomfort can be relieved with pain medication, although most patients report the pain being tolerable and subsiding after just a few days. A compression garment may be taped to the chin in order to reduce swelling during the healing process. You may be restricted to a soft diet for several days until the gums have healed from the incision. For incisions made under the chin, sutures are removed after 5 to 6 days. Most patients return to work and social activities after one week. Our doctors recommends avoidance of strenuous physical exercise for approximately 2 to 3 weeks following cosmetic chin surgery or cheek implant surgery.

Results of Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

The results of cosmetic chin augmentation surgery are a permanently stronger and more prominent chin. This can enhance facial harmony and balance between the conspicuous features of your face. This results in better self-image and more confidence. Similarly, cheek augmentation results in more prominent and fuller cheek bones. This feature draws attention to the midface, and helps in achieving that youthful, robust, and rested appearance.

How much does chin and cheek augmentation surgery cost?

Chin and cheek augmentation surgery costs vary depending on exactly what technique is used and which procedure is done. This will be outlined in detail during your consultation. Financing options are readily available.