Manhattan Tummy Tuck Recovery NYC

Tummy Tuck Recovery

We treat your safety and well-being as top priorities after undergoing through our Manhattan clinic’s abdominoplasty procedure. The same amount of effort you have exerted when you first visited our clinic in Manhattan for your tummy tuck preparation has to be carried out once you enter the recovery stage. Optimum results are reflected from having a responsible recovery after the procedure.

Following all postoperative instructions, regimen and restrictions given by our doctor must be on top of the list. Pay attention to wearing the compression garment as instructed, having surgical drains, and taking the prescribed medicines. Constant check-ups with the doctor happens during the days after.

Patients will be encouraged to stay active at home for several days, minding the right posture and positioning. It is important to maintain a healthy diet and perform minor exercises such as walking. Strenuous physical exercises must be avoided six weeks after the cosmetic operation.

The first few days after the procedure are the most distressing but the discomfort can be minimized with prescribed medications. Be sure to take these medications according to schedule. Discomfort should not last for so long.

If there is an increase in pain, swelling or bleeding, and if you develop fever and nausea, along with other red flags, inform the doctor immediately.

Patients are not permitted to smoke and drink alcohol after the surgery. Aspirin-containing medicines and some anti-inflammatory products must not be taken. Adhere to what the doctor will prescribe you.

While at home, it is also helpful to have someone assist you in going around the house, reminding you of medications, and doing the household work.

The tummy tuck results

Once the recovery period is over, patients can get back to their normal routines. Looking great starts here.The results of undergoing through our abdominoplasty in Manhattan are best reflected in the way your dresses fit. After the procedure, expect to see new flank and abdominal regions which are flat and smooth that may appear on your body.

Expect some weight loss after the procedure, due to additional physical activity. Tummy tuck results are permanent, but take note that different lifestyles and genetic factors may affect long-term results.

Gaining weight after the procedure causes the abdominal skin to expand once more, cancelling out the good results from the operation. To prevent this, be sure to stay active by involving yourself in physical exercises after the restriction period.

Furthermore, another cycle of pregnancy causes your abdominal skin to expand again. It is recommended to wait until after you decide to finish all childbirth before undergoing into tummy tuck.

Share us your goals as you visit ourclinic in Manhattanand as you know more aboutabdominoplasty. Let us get you ready for the procedure, and guide you to achieving that perfect body image.