Liposuction Recovery NYC

Liposuction Recovery

We are concerned about you even after the procedure has ended so we have outlined recovery measures that involve both our assistance and doing your own responsible care such as regular check-ups in our clinic in Manhattan. Liposuction is a procedure that provides recovery measures while at home and away from our clinic. Following these measures will make the best out of getting a liposuction in Manhattan.

Right after the procedure, our recovery suite provides a comfortable resting place where patients are required to stay before being discharged. Once discharged, we also encourage the patient to stay active at home for the first several days until recovery period is over.

The clinic makes sure to hand over particular instructions that patients must follow, such as but not limited to: medications to take, tending the surgical site, and next visitation. Writing a checklist of what to do after the procedure will be of great help for fast recovery. Who wouldn’t want to get back on track soon?

We made detailed list of recovery measures for you to undertake. Feel free to make your own and add more, according to the doctor’s instructions.

Wearing the elastic garment

Not only will the elastic garment manage bruising and swelling, it also minimizes the pain that might be felt after the liposuction. This soft garment works like a body suit designed to protect the surgical site. It must be worn over the area for two to three weeks after the treatment.

The right time to exercise

Proper exercise is a definite must-do in the future to maintain the new body transformations. However, Dr. Kaufman advises patients to avoid strenuous physical exercises for about six weeks after the cosmetic procedure. This restriction can take longer depending on the amount of fat removed.

Once and only when the restrictions are lifted, you are recommended to exercise regularly such as jogging and aerobic exercises. We have an advanced technique called the tumescent liposuction, a type of liposuction in Manhattan that clients also choose because of its benefits. This technique enables you to get back to your physical activities in an even shorter restriction period.

Patients have to note that staying in bed or confining yourself to bed after the liposuction must not be done. This causes blood clot formation. To avoid this, doctors recommend walking around the house on the evening of surgery. Walking outside is also another good option.

Getting back to work

If you are the workaholic type, many patients can get back to normal desk works within one to three days after liposuction while still wearing the elastic garment. This may however slow down the patient’s movements but they can definitely be able to work.

Nevertheless, getting back to work still depends on many considerations. One, patients are advised to file work leaves if they are working in very distant offices that require long hours of commuting. Two, if the patient has been treated in about four areas on the body, resting at home instead of working is recommended.

Minimizing bruising and swelling

Doctors differ depending on the post-procedural care technique used. Some doctors opt to use the open-drainage technique in which incisions are not closed with stitches. With this, the healing rate is quickened, thereby minimizing the amount of bruising. This goes with wearing the elastic garment and using special absorptive pads.

If stitches are used, healing takes a longer time. Let our doctor see what works best for you.

Now that you have learned some of the recovery measures, leaping into this procedure should now be less frightening. We are here to guide you in every step of the way. Visit ourManhattan clinic today and get glimpses of our liposuction procedure, and let us know how we can help you achieve the body image you want.