Preparation and after nose surgery NYC


The other name given to nose surgery is rhinoplasty. This is corrective surgery to the nose. This procedure involves correcting and restructuring the nose. This surgery is normally done for different purposes. Some people seek nose surgery for cosmetic purposes, and others seek this procedure to improve the functioning of the nose. If you need nose surgery NYC for any purpose, Dr. Daniel Kaufman from the discreet plastic surgery will fulfill your needs.


Nose surgery preparation

Dr. Kaufman will take you through the preparation stage right before performing nose surgery. The surgeon will first check your medical history to decide whether the surgery will be successful. The surgeon will check for conditions such as bleeding disorders and hemophilia. The other tests to be carried out include physical exams, which consist of such tests like blood tests. Also, the facial features will be examined to give the nose the best shape after structuring. The surgeon will also check the nasal physical features such as skin and cartilage strength. Photographs will be taken as well to assess the shape of the nose from different angles. The surgeon will need you to give your expectations and motivation to achieve a certain structure of the nose. Before nose surgery NYC there are a series of preparations to be undertaken to minimize the risks during the actual surgery.


Sedation before surgery

Nose surgery will require the use of anesthesia. Usually, the type of anesthesia to be used will depend on the complexity of the surgery to be performed. If the nose surgery to be performed is less complex, local anesthesia will be used. This anesthesia is injected especially near the area of surgery. However, the surgery is more complex, the surgeon will use the general anesthesia.  General anesthesia is used if the noise surgery to be done is complex. General anesthesia is inhaled, and it normally causes general unconsciousness. The surgeon at discreet plastic surgery will choose the right kind of anesthesia to use for the nose surgery NYC.


After surgery

Normally after undergoing the nose surgery, you will experience slight swelling, pain, and even slight bleeding. You will also see drainage of mucus mixed with blood just after the surgery. The doctor will place a drip pad to help absorb the dripping mucus. Also, the doctor will give you several precautionary steps to the tale to ease the pain and to quicken the healing of the wound. Some of the things to avoid after nose surgery NYC include; strenuous activities, blowing the nose and extreme facial expression. You will be required to take baths instead of showers to ensure the bandage on your nose does not get soaked. Also, you will be required to brush your teeth gently to minimize movements on the upper lip. Also, you will be required to wear more lose clothes to avoid pulling them through the nose and hence cause more injuries. Dr. Kaufman is the best surgeon who will perform this surgery procedure with a lot of caution in order to get the desired results.