The Post-Holiday Tummy Tuck: Manhattan Discreet Plastic Surgery Explains All

VASERshape2 - The Post-Holiday Tummy Tuck: Manhattan Discreet Plastic Surgery Explains All

Winter can be a tough time on our bodies – there are aches and pains from traveling and decorating, mental stress or depression, and, of course, the inevitable weight gain after family holiday dinners. Plus, after months of hiding away under warm clothing, it will soon be time to reveal our bodies more in summer attire. If you’re living in a cold climate, winter is the ideal time to change your body and then recover at home in discreet comfort.


It’s no wonder, then, that the beginning of the year is the season for liposuction and a tummy tuck!, Brooklyn, and New York City residents can turn to the experts at Discreet Plastic Surgery for the most commonly requested post-holiday cosmetic surgery procedures.


Procedure: Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Cause: New Year’s Resolutions


We all know how things work on New Year’s Eve – we choose a bunch of resolutions, and then spend the next couple months trying to achieve them. Some people check each one off of their list by the end of the year, and others give up sometime around Valentine’s Day. This means that January is an extremely popular time for all cosmetic surgery procedures, but tummy tucks lead the pack. Why the tummy tuck? Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Kaufman explains that abdominoplasty is a single procedure that can create dramatic results.


Reducing fat and excess skin around the middle can result in some weight loss, but it also gives the appearance of more dramatic weight loss. A tummy tuck can give definition to the waistline, and create the appearance of a proportionate or appealing hourglass figure. Tummy tucks can also cause you to need smaller sizes in most clothing – tops, pants, skirts, and dresses. It’s the best way to get a whole body transformation from one procedure.


Those interested in abdominoplasty in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or other parts of New York can trust Dr. Kaufman and Discreet Plastic Surgery to deliver stunning results in a safe, welcoming environment.


Procedure: Liposuction

Cause: Holiday Dinners


Patients opt for liposuction all year long – it is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States. There is often an increase in requests in January and February though. The most obvious culprit is the most common reason: overindulging in holiday food. Overeating at Thanksgiving and Christmas won’t ruin your figure, but it can definitely make existing flaws much more obvious.


Food doesn’t turn into fat immediately, so it’s not like you can specifically liposuction away all that turkey and gravy. But you can use liposuction to banish the pounds you’ve added on after months of Halloween candy, pumpkin pie, and Christmas stuffing. Opt for liposuction in Manhattan to get back your pre-holiday New York body back!


Procedure: Breast Surgery

Cause: Perfect Timing


During and after the holidays is a busy time for breast augmentations, breast lifts, and breast reductions. The same is true for many other body and facial procedures, and the reason is simple – winter is an easy time to hide. If you don’t want the whole world to immediately notice your changed body, you can use cold weather to get used to the new you. Larger or smaller breasts are easily disguised under coats, scarves, and sweaters, for example. Brazilian butt lifts are popular as well; thermal underwear, ski pants, and flannel lined jeans are great for concealing a newer, more shapely rear end.


Some non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures require avoiding sunlight for some time afterwards, making winter the ideal time to get that work done as well. Once warm weather returns, you can show off your new look, and be as open or discreet about it as you like. Tell everyone that you dieted over the winter, or that they’ve forgotten what you look like after so many months bundled up! Or, reveal the truth, but at your own pace, and after you’re completely healed.


However you choose to proceed, Discreet Plastic Surgery is here to help with your post-holiday cosmetic procedures. Call their NYC office at 212-444-9095, or reach their Brooklyn office at(718) 705-9025. You can also click here to book an appointment online.