NYC Tummy Tuck – What does it solve?

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NYC Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure done to remove excess skin from the tummy area. It is common to see people especially women after giving birth having sagging skin around the tummy. The condition is barely treatable by exercise leaving surgery the only solution to the problem. The procedure is also referred to as an Abdominoplasty. The surgery is intense, and it is advisable for prospective patients in need of an NYC Tummy Tuck to only trust board certified plastic surgeons to do the operation.

Luckily Discreet Plastic surgeon NYC has board certified plastic surgeons that have experience in practice. If you are in need of a procedure or have inquiries concerning the issue, you can visit our centers in New York and talk to our staff.

What does it solve?

It is common to come across patients claiming that no matter how much exercise they do, or the healthy diets they keep, they are not able to achieve a flat tummy. It is indeed a fact that as we age, our bodies lose their elasticity. This is because with time the body stops producing collagen and elastin which are the proteins necessary for good skin health.

This results in the sagging skin and exercise are not enough to undo the effect.  The only effective option to get rid of the excess skin is by surgery, and that is why we offer the NYC tummy tuck to affected patients.

Who should try this procedure?

There are a number of people that would benefit from a tummy tuck procedure. They include women that have had previous pregnancies that result in weak abdominal muscles. Men too are prone to this condition as you also find men with sagging skin around the waistline. Patients seeking to undergo this procedure should have attained their ideal weight and should not gain more weight In the future. Women patients should also not be planning to have more pregnancies in the future.

Besides this, the patient should be healthy and of sound minds. Patients should also have realistic expectations for the procedure. During the consultation, the surgeon explains to the patient the expected result of the procedure to prepare them psychologically.


The procedure is performed through the patient under general anesthesia. The surgeon starts by cutting an incision on the patient’s lower abdomen running from one hipbone to the other. The surgeon is careful to place the scar where the patient will be able to conceal it with undergarments. The surgeon then cuts off the excess skin and uses sutures to hold the stomach muscles in place. He then pulls the remaining skin together and repositions the navel. The incision is mended with stitches and the wound dressed. Liposuction is often also done on the patient to bring out the best results.


After the procedure, the patient is given a compression garment which they should wear for up to four weeks after the procedure. The surgeon also administers pain relievers to be used for some time. The patient is expected to take at least two weeks off from work after the surgery. Simple exercises are advised, but strenuous activity should be avoided for the first six weeks. While the results may not be visible immediately due to bruises, after the healing process the effect will be noticeable. The patient should have completely healed in six months.