NYC tummy tuck is indeed the best solution to your body shape and size problems

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NYC tummy tuck

Good body shape is defined by a perfect waist line. Waist line only becomes perfect when one has a perfect tummy shape and size. However, this is not the case for most women. Obese women do have sagging tummy. Women who are undergoing a post-pregnancy period are also likely to have a sagging tummy. You might have had this problem for a while now.

You may have tried different weight loss treatments, but your sagging tummy still persists. Do not give up on getting that perfect body shape that you have always wanted. We have the best discreet plastic surgeon NYC, dr. Kaufman who will tuck your sagging tummy the same day. NYC tummy tuck is indeed the best solution to your body shape and size problems. The following are all you need to know about a tummy tuck:


Is the tummy tuck procedure painful?

Yes, the tummy tuck procedure is a painful procedure. Our surgeon, however, uses different techniques to minimize pain during the procedure. Any surgery that we perform here at our clinic, one must be sedated to minimize the pain felt.

NYC tummy tuck is associated with pain and swelling during the recovery period. However, we normally prescribe medication to each of our clients to relieve pain and to minimize the swelling.


Is tummy tuck procedure safe?

The answer is yes. In fact, all the surgeries that we perform here at discreet plastic surgery are very safe. We are much concerned about your well-being, and that is why we offer plastic surgeries using the most advanced tools.

Our surgeon is also highly qualified, highly experienced, certified and licensed to perform any surgical procedure. Our clinic is as well certified and accredited by the American society of plastic surgeons. Our NYC tummy tuck surgeon, dr. Kaufman is proud to have completed successfully rigorous plastic surgery training.

Once we have completed the surgery, we give you some postoperative instructions. These instructions are to ensure that you get a quick and smooth recovery. We recommend recovery medication to ease pain during recovery. We also encourage our patients to come for follow up checkups after recovery. We ensure that our patients heal completely and there is no side effect caused by the surgery.


What is expected of a tummy tuck?

Every NYC tummy tuck patient expects to lose some tummy weigh and overall body weight. We ensure that after the surgery, you will get a flat and smooth tummy with a completely new flank. You should note that the results of a tummy tuck are permanent. To enhance good body shape, you should keep on with healthy body lifestyle.

It can be possible that if you gain weight once after the surgery, your tummy is likely to lose its flat shape. So, we highly advise our patients to adopt a good lifestyle, like having regular body exercise and good dieting. We restore your confidence and self-esteem, you will not be embarrassed anymore by your sagging tummy. We are always available to attend to your needs, simply make a visit to our clinic for perfect NYC tummy tuck.