Nose Surgery With Dr. Kaufman & Dr. Doshi in Manhattan

Get the Nose You’ve
Always Wanted

Fortunately, nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, can help you achieve the nose you want. And our expert, board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Doshi and Dr. Kaufman, can customize your rhinoplasty procedure according to your functional anatomy and specific cosmetic needs to ensure that you reap the full benefits of your nose surgery.

What Is Nose Surgery?

Nose surgery — also known as rhinoplasty — includes several different cosmetic procedures that serve both aesthetic and reconstructive purposes. This means that rhinoplasty can not only enhance your cosmetic appearance, but it can also improve the functionality of your nose.

Discreet Plastic Surgery understands the importance of feeling confident and happy with your appearance. But if you’re like many of our other patients, your nose can be a source of insecurity. You may feel self-conscious if your nose is too large or too small or has an unappealing shape.

What Cosmetic Issues Does Nose Surgery Address?

In addition to reshaping or resizing your nose to achieve overall balance and harmony with your other facial features, rhinoplasty can also improve functional issues such as difficulty breathing.

Using the most modern techniques and an individualized approach to your care, nose surgery can:

  • Correct a deviated septum — the dividing wall between the air passages — to improve nasal breathing
  • Improve your nose’s profile by removing the dorsal “hump”
  • Narrow the width of the bridge and base of your nose
  • Reshape flaring nostrils
  • Refine the nasal tip
  • Improve the transition between the nose and upper lip.
  • Straighten a crooked nose and correct asymmetry.
  • Decrease the size of your nose

How Does a Rhinoplasty Work?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that reshapes the nose to enhance its appearance and function. The procedure can be customized to your unique needs and desires, which is why your nose surgery will actually begin with a thorough consultation with one of our expert surgeons.

What's Discussed at Your Consultation?

During your consultation, Dr. Kaufman or Dr. Doshi will review your medical history and evaluate your nose and facial structure to determine the best course of action for reconstructing the nose you’ve always wanted. Our surgeons will also discuss your goals and expectations and use this information to create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

What Happens During Your Procedure

Rhinoplasty is typically performed under general anesthesia, so you’ll be asleep throughout the procedure. Typically, the surgery can last up to four hours to complete. During this time, Dr. Doshi or Dr. Kaufman will make incisions either inside your nostrils or across the columella — the tissue between your nostrils — so that they can access the underlying bone and cartilage.

Your surgeon will then reshape and sculpt the bone and cartilage to create the desired shape and size. Once the reshaping is complete, the incisions will be closed using dissolvable sutures for a more comfortable, worry-free recovery.

What Your Recovery Looks Like

After the procedure, you’ll of course need to rest and recover for a period of time determined by extent of your nose’s restructuring. You may experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort, but you can manage this symptoms with medications, and they usually subside within a week or two.

As with most surgical procedures, you’ll need to avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting for a few weeks to ensure proper healing. Dr. Doshi or Dr. Kaufman will provide you with detailed instructions for post-operative care to help ensure your recovery is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Is Nose Surgery Right for You?

At Discreet Plastic Surgery, we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your nose or other facial feature, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kaufman or Dr. Doshi at our Manhattan office to discuss your options. Our surgeons will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your individual needs and goals.

Take the first step to getting the healthy, attractive nose you’ve always wanted by contacting us today.