Nasal structure can really affect your general facial appearance


We also know the importance of our nasal structure. Therefore, nose surgery NYC is mainly prompted by two main reasons. Most of our past patients have visited us at discreet plastic surgery clinic to have nose surgery for cosmetic and reconstructive purpose.

Nose surgery is also termed as rhinoplasty. At our clinic, nose surgery has been customized. We, therefore perform nose surgery based on your anatomy or cosmetic needs.


Who needs rhinoplasty?

If you are looking for a perfect nose surgery NYC, do not hesitate to visit discreet plastic surgeon NYC. Normally, our patients are young adults who seek majorly for nose surgery for cosmetic purpose. We normally, advise the younger adults to wait till they attain of at least 16 years for their facial skeletal to achieve complete growth. We also perform secondary rhinoplasty to those patients who have had previous operations.

If your previous operation did not meet your expectations, you could always come to us for corrective surgery. We encourage our patients to open up and give their desired end look. This way our surgeon will be able to plan for the surgery and ensure that you achieve the best results.


End results of nose surgery

Based on your desired end appearance, our discreet plastic surgeon NYC will perform the right cut to achieve the best result.

Nose surgery NYC is mainly performed to improve your appearance by; decreasing your nose size, removing a dorsal bump, narrowing the nasal width and even narrowing or widening the nostrils. Nose surgery can also refine your nasal tip, projecting the nasal tip, improving nose and upper mouth lip transition, correcting a crooked nose shape and improving a deviated septum.

All the above results of nose surgery improve your look as well as improve the functioning of the nose. We, therefore, perform nose surgery based on one’s existing structure, if your nostrils are wide, we perform plastic surgery to minimize the width and vice versa.


Rhinoplasty surgery preparation

Before we perform nose surgery NYC, we first recommend that you undergo both mental and physical preparation. As a preparation procedure, we normally advise our patients to seek a medical examination from a specialist. Such examinations include possible allergy reactions and any other possible complication during the procedure.

We also advise our patients to avoid smoking and medication prior to the surgery. On the day of surgery, we administer anesthesia to make the surgery comfortable and relaxed. Depending on the kind of surgery to be done, we give either light sedation or strong sedation to our patients. Our surgeons use either of the two nose surgery methods. There is the open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty.

Closed rhinoplasty is a technique where the incisions are made inside the nostrils. On the other hand, open rhinoplasty is surgery done on the nose surface. The surgeon normally sculps the nose to any desired shape before rewrapping the covering skin.

We perform nasal surgery at our clinic if you intend to improve your nasal appearance, visit us today.