Mommy Makeover NYC

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The number of women opting for a mommy makeover NYC is growing drastically. The main purpose is to restore their former body shapes after post-pregnancy. At discreet plastic surgery NYC, we have the best crew of plastic surgeons who provide effective procedures.

Childbirth tends to create numerous changes in a woman’s body, that in as much as it is good for the baby’s health it may not be her won ideal taste. At our clinic, we perform a mommy makeover NYC alongside a combination of other cosmetic plastic surgeries to help in restoring the woman’s body shape.

Target goals of a mommy makeover NYC

Maintaining the possible results and outcomes of a mommy makeover NYC may not be an easy task. If you do not have objectives as to why you want to have it in the first place, not only will the results be unfavorable but preserving the outcome will be a “heard of” issue.

Therefore, before opting to the surgical procedure, our best plastic surgeon at discreet plastic surgery NYC will foremost inquire about your objectives and will tend to advice you freely on how to maintain the possible outcomes of the procedure. As well as the plastic surgeon will educate you on the risks involved alike to the benefits you are merited.

Here are the main target goals of women who are opting for a mommy makeover NYC.

  • Fat loss around the abdominal area.
  • Overall body-weight loss.
  • Achieving a well-tightened skin of the former sagging version of their tummy skin.
  • Getting rid of the stretch marks that may have developed as a result of skin extension.
  • Doing away with the waist fats which trigger an obese look around the waist area.
  • Getting rid of the sagging breasts that they have achieved as a result of consecutive breastfeeding.

The procedure of a mommy makeover NYC

Typically, the plastic surgery for a mommy makeover NYC tends to focus on the tummy, waist and breasts area, though not limited to such. The buttocks and the vagina may receive mine as well. There are cosmetic surgical operations which are all performed at one encounter to establish a lasting mommy makeover.

These cosmetic surgery procedures include:

  • Liposuction- This is a surgical cosmetic procedure which involves sucking out of fats through vacuum suctioning and by the means of a small incision.
  • Tummy tuck. Also referred to as abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck is simply the removal of excess abdominal fatty tissues and excess skin around the tummy area. A tummy tuck is also used in removing stretch marks in the particularly affected parts around the waist and below the lower abdomen.
  • Breast lift. Breast lift, typically referred to as mastopexy, is a cosmetic procedure designed to alter the shape of your breasts by removing excess skin, fats and raise them up. You may opt for this operation based on the fact that you have sagging breasts.
  • Breast augmentation may also be conducted when necessary or desired by the patient.
  • Rejuvenation of the vagina.

Benefits of mommy makeover NYC

  • Weight loss.
  • More youthful look and feel of your breasts.
  • Increased confidence with your body.
  • A flattened tummy.
  • The best abdominal profile.
  • A bye-bye to fatty tissues.
  • No stretch marks.

Limitations of mommy makeover NYC

  • Delayed healing.
  • Anesthesia complications.
  • Cardiac perils.
  • Breastfeeding inabilities.