Manhattan Abdominoplasty: Your Top Questions Answered

for discreet - Manhattan Abdominoplasty: Your Top Questions Answered

A Manhattan abdominoplasty, also known as a Manhattan tummy tuck, is a highly sought after procedure to help remove stubborn excess weight in the mid region. Surgeons make incisions and remove excess fatty tissue for a leaner and slimmer midsection and abdomen. Though this surgery has been practiced for decades, many first-time candidates have questions about the procedure.

A common question regarding tummy tucks is, “Would I be a good candidate for the surgery?” Part of this answer can be a self-assessment, and the other part should be addressed with your Manhattan abdominoplasty surgeon. A good candidate for a tummy tuck is someone in good physical and mental health. Ideally, surgeons recommend that those seeking an abdominoplasty Manhattan have finished having children, as pregnancy will affect results. Finally, a consultation with a trusted surgeon will inform you whether you are a fit candidate, if your post-surgery desires are achievable, and the type of surgery that would be most fitting for your body type.

Another question candidates want answers to is, “How is the surgery conducted?” The surgery is completed under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes incisions in the lower abdomen area, in a place that is purposefully concealable by a bikini bottom. Fatty tissue is then separated from muscle and removed. In some abdominoplasty procedures, a tighter, firmer look can be achieved by folding fascia along the center of the abdomen.

“What can I expect regarding recovery time?” In terms of activity after surgery, clients are encouraged to take short walks a few times a day and to not remain sedentary. You may feel the need to be slightly hunched over as standing upright immediately after surgery may be uncomfortable. This is normal and expected. Additionally, clients are given a girdle or object to hold abdomen tightly while everything heals in place. In regards to appearance, each person heals differently. Some swelling and bruising is considered normal and amounts of these symptoms will vary from individual to individual. If drains were inserted during surgery, they can be expected to be removed 1-2 weeks after surgery is completed.

Another common question with abdominoplasty is, “How long until I see results and how long can I expect results to last?” Results will show after swelling and bruising has subsided. Results will be maintained if no major weight gain or pregnancy takes place post-operation. Some tissue relaxation may occur over the years, resulting in a less tight appearance of the abdomen, but will be minimal.

Lastly, most people interested in the surgery are also interested in how much pain they can expect. Again, this is a subjective question and different levels of discomfort can be expected depending on personal pain tolerance and body. Some degree of pain should be expected, but your Manhattan abdominoplasty surgeon will be able to provide you with pain-reducing medications. Overall this procedure is very safe, very common, and easy to recover from. Contact Dr. Kaufman at Discreet Plastic Surgery for more information! His practice is available by phone at (212) 444-9095.