How a Manhattan Abdominoplasty Can Help You Lose Weight

How to Prep Tummy Tuck Medium - How a Manhattan Abdominoplasty Can Help You Lose Weight

An abdominoplasty, better known as a “tummy tuck”, is a common surgery in which excess layers of loose, stretched skin are removed for an abdomen that appears and feels more fit and flat. The skin removed is generally flesh that cannot be minimized through eating or exercise regimens. Factors such as pregnancy, age, and profound weight loss limit abdominoplasty candidates from being able to shed this skin without the help of a surgeon. Those seeking an abdominoplasty in Manhattan will find that Dr. Kaufman can produce long-lasting and pleasing results.

A Manhattan abdominoplasty not only presents a slimmer looking body, but will also result in actual weight loss. This is because the surgery requires removal of excess weight and skin in the lower abdomen. Studies have shown that patients are likely to maintain weight or limit weight gain post abdominoplasty. This is particularly true for those who had the surgery concurrently with a bariatric surgery. Comparison studies show that patients who have had a tummy tuck post-bariatric surgery produce higher weight loss and maintenance results than their non-tummy tuck counterparts.

Another advantage of a Manhattan abdominoplasty is that it can increase the patient’s self esteem and motivation. Seeing immediate results can encourage the individual to boost their workout routine (once their surgeon clears them for activity), limit their food intake, and generally have a more positive attitude about their body. By thinking of themselves as smaller or thinner, they have a better chance of becoming and staying smaller and thinner. They may also buy new clothes or show off their results to friends and family. These actions make the individual feel more committed to their results and more determined to maintain them.

A Manhattan tummy tuck requires experienced and highly recognized plastic surgeons for the most natural looking results. The surgery produces the best results on individuals who are generally in good physical health and, if female, are post-pregnancy and do not wish to have more children. A Manhattan abdominoplasty is best suited for those want to lose stubborn excess lower belly weight. As a weight loss option, the surgery is geared for those who have lost a significant amount of weight. This includes post-pregnancy women who are having trouble with the remaining stretched skin or leftover flesh. Abdominoplasties are not solely done as a weight loss option, but rather an aid in removing weight that cannot be removed by non-surgical exercises or activities.

Those seeking an abdominoplasty in Manhattan can turn to Dr. Kaufman for quality care and incredible results. His practice, Discreet Plastic Surgery, seeks to enhance your best features and provide a natural, healthy shape. Dr. Kaufman has been awarded as an “America’s Top Plastic Surgeon” and “BEST OF 2012 MANHATTAN COSMETIC SURGEON”