Liposuction in Manhattan: Ultrasound-assisted vs. Laser-assisted

liposuction manhattan - Liposuction in Manhattan: Ultrasound-assisted vs. Laser-assistedLiposuction in Manhattan is a great way to lose inches and get rid of that fat in those hard to exercise off places. You can get a tummy tuck in Manhattan, get standard liposuction, and even an arm lift. Whatever the desire, your plastic surgeon is ready and available to meet with you and go over the options.

Standard liposuction involves using a metal canulla, which is inserted in a quarter of an inch incision. This incision is usually made in an inconspicuous place, like the buttocks, armpits, belly button or a body fold to minimize the appearance of a scar. This procedure uses a vasoconstrictor and a local anesthetic, tumescent fluid, which will numb the area and decrease blood loss during the procedure. This procedure then removes the fat build-up in that target area. Stitches are made where the incision was made and the patient is fitted in an elastic garment to keep the area compressed during healing time.

Laser assisted fat removal is considered an improved way to perform a liposuction procedure. The procedure, also known as SlimLipo or SmartLipo involves the use of a laser, which is used to melt fat prior to liposuction with heat, since liquefied fat is much easier to remove. The probe on the laser is extremely small and thin, so it can get into hard to reach places and not cause burns. It is very adept in working with curves in hip and thigh areas, without causing burns like the ultrasound probe may do. The other benefit of the laser probe is that it tightens the skin after fat is removed, which is a much improved process from the standard liposuction method that leaves loose skin behind. However, the laser assisted method is fairly new in the plastic surgeon realm, so ensure that you are using a board-certified plastic surgeon who knows what they are doing when using this laser for Manhattan liposuction practices.

Ultrasound assisted liposuction is very similar to laser assisted liposuction. The ultrasound technique heats the tissues beneath the skin to help remove the fat, which also leaves tightened skin behind after fat removal. The ultrasound probe is much larger than the laser assisted probe, so it is only recommended for use on the abdomen area, since this area is a large surface and there is no concern for burns because it is a flat area without curves. Contact Dr. Kaufman at Discreet Plastic Surgery for your liposuction in Manhattan needs and receive a consultation.