Liposuction in Manhattan: Non-Surgical Fat Removal

VASERshape - Liposuction in Manhattan: Non-Surgical Fat RemovalGetting a liposuction in Manhattan can be the answer to your plastic surgery needs. However, the term liposuction may sound a little too surgical, so it is great to know that there are non-surgical methods available.

VASERshape is a great alternative to liposuction and can be very effective. The process works by combining ultrasound technology with massage therapy. It is an amazing process that targets fatty and uneven tissues that are commonly riddled with cellulite. There are no pain medications during treatment and no diet or exercise programs required after treatment. There is basically no downtime with this procedure. The process is measurable and can produce lasting results in 3-5 sessions.

This process drains away toxins and fats and smooths cellulite using high-frequency sound waves that generate heat and with targeted massage, you will see an immediate improvement in your skin’s appearance. The wand used will also help to stimulate blood circulation and disrupt fat cells up to 5 cm below the skin’s surface.

VASERshape2 - Liposuction in Manhattan: Non-Surgical Fat RemovalThis process is highly effective in stubborn fat areas like the love handles, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, arms, mid-back, and hips. Treatment areas are usually the size of a standard piece of paper. The results will be long-lasting if a healthy lifestyle is maintained. If a high-fat diet and lack of exercise occurs, the areas can become problem areas again.

The best part is that it can tighten skin. If you were looking for a surgical tummy tuck in Manhattan, you may have found an alternative. By performing a couple of sessions, you may be able to lose some inches and tight that loose skin in your abdomen area without any downtime. Many people have seen amazing results from this procedure and haven’t had to invest thousands of dollars to get them. Give VASERshape a try and see if it can give you that extra boost to lose the unwanted fat and lessen the problems in your trouble areas.

Get in touch with Dr. Daniel Kaufman at Discreet Plastic Surgery and schedule a consultation to see if you are a candidate for this extremely effective and non-invasive procedure. Liposuction in Manhattan may be the answer or non-surgical liposuction could also be the answer, so make an appointment and find out what is best for you.