Is liposuction NYC a cosmetic surgery?


Cosmetic surgery is a surgery that is done to improve the general appearance of a person. People who seek this kind of surgery are not satisfied with how they look and thus want to improve their overall look and appearance. Bad body shape results when somebody parts accumulate unwanted or excess fats. The poor body shape is embarrassing as well as limiting to so many things such as dressing and sporting. Today, some people do not want to undergo tedious body exercises to get the right body shape. They thus opt for liposuction. Liposuction is basically the removal of excess fats in some parts of the body, such as the abdomen, the hips, the knees, back, upper arms, and other body parts. Liposuction NYC is done by the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Kaufman.


Methods of liposuction

Dr. Kaufman different techniques in performing liposuction. The main liposuction techniques are; the standard tumescent liposuction technique and laser-assisted liposuction. Laser-assisted liposuction involves the use of high energy emitting laser to rapture fatty cells. The high energy also liquify the fat deposits, coagulates small blood vessels and stimulates collagen synthesis. Normally, the procedure will involve making small incisions. Therefore, local anesthesia is administered to ease the pain and to make the procedure more comfortable. Liposuction NYC is done once the plastic surgeon at discrete plastic surgery has recommended the right procedure to use.


Candidates for liposuction

Basically, people who seek for the liposuction are those who have stubborn fats in some parts of the body. For you to undergo surgery, you must be stable mentally and also have good physical health. Also, for successful liposuction to be performed, the skin must be sufficiently elastic. Good skin elasticity will allow the skin to assume the new contours once the excess fats have been removed at the target areas. If you have lost excess weight before, your skin is likely to have poor elasticity. Therefore, people who have lost weight before are poor candidates for liposuction surgery. Other conditions can render you unsuitable for the liposuction surgery. Therefore, before any surgery is done, Dr. Kaufman normally asks a series of questions and carries a series of tests to ensure that liposuction NYC will be successful.


Liposuction recovery process

Normally, Dr. Kaufman will offer you with the best recovery practices once you have had your liposuction surgery. The measures to keep in mind after the surgery include staying active for the body to adapt quickly. After the surgery, you will be advised to wear an elastic garment. The elastic garment will prevent bruising and even swelling that might occur after liposuction. Light exercises are recommended after this surgery, but not too many strenuous exercises. Staying in bed for long after the surgery should be avoided since it can cause blood clotting. Also, you will have to wear absorptive pads to minimize bleeding caused by possible bruising. Once, liposuction NYC has been completed successfully, the surgeon will offer you with the right measures to take in order to get the best results.