Facial rejuvenation procedures in plastic surgery

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Plastic surgery has become a common cosmetic procedure in most cities across the country. Today, plastic surgery is one of the primary treatment alternatives for a large number of medical conditions. Plastic surgery NYC can be applied to various cosmetic procedures including facelifts, breast enhancement, body contouring and many more. Depending on your preferred plastic surgery procedure, you can consult a plastic surgeon to know whether you are liable for the procedure and what you can achieve through plastic surgery. For the best plastic surgery in the city, you can rely on Discreet Plastic Surgery NYC. They have a high pool of specialized plastic surgeons who can offer various plastic surgery options and also advice on the best plastic surgery procedures for your desired outcome.

Facial procedures in plastic surgery

Plastic surgery NYC offers multiple solutions for facial defects and conditions. Also, there are facial rejuvenation services that are aimed at improving the appearance of the face by modifying the nose, cheeks, chin, and other facial features.


A facelift is a plastic surgical treatment formula that is intended to make a face look younger and more vibrant. The plastic surgeon does this by reducing the amount of excess skin on the lower part of the face. This procedure is usually recommended for people with saggy skin or wrinkles that affect the general appearance of the individual. Also, the facelift procedure is applied in permanently removing deep creases found on the sides of the mouth and nose. You can opt for a facelift if you want to have a younger looking face and also remove excess skin on the face. A facelift focuses on both the lower and upper part of the face. Depending on your preference, the plastic surgeon reduces the skin around your face to give you your desired outcome.

Brow Lift

A brow lift is as well called a forehead lift. It is a cosmetic procedure that raises the brow to improve the forehead appearance. This procedure is mostly recommended for people who have a sagging brow or people whose brows are uneven. Most of the times, a brow lift is normally done together with other reconstructive procedures like a facelift or eyelid surgery. Before getting a brow lift, you should consult the plastic surgery on which risks are present for this procedure.

Laser skin resurfacing

If you have acne or blotches on your face, laser skin resurfacing is a possible solution for that condition. This procedure usually involves using a laser to remove the covering skin layers gradually to remove accumulated spots and scars.

This eventually leaves the skin looking young and vibrant. Before going for laser skin resurfacing, enquire from the plastic surgeon what you should observe to ensure the procedure is flawless. Laser skin resurfacing does not take a long time to complete and usually takes only one two-hour session with the plastic surgeon. After getting the laser skin resurfacing done, you may experience swelling which is common with this procedure.