Different services offered during a mommy makeover

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A Mommy makeover NYC procedure has become more and more common in recent months. Today, social media personalities and film stars have taken mommy makeovers to restore their attractive bodies as they were before giving birth. The mainstream application of this plastic surgery procedure has increased the rate of mommy makeover patients throughout the city.

The best thing concerning a mommy makeover is that it is not fixed to every patient. Depending on the body changes of the patient, the plastic surgeon will perform the necessary procedures to ensure that her body is returned to a better shape and size. For the best mommy makeover services in the city, you can visit Discreet Plastic Surgeon NYC.

Components of a mommy makeover

A mommy makeover NYC can be easily performed in a single day. In fact, most plastic surgery clinics including Discreet Plastic Surgeon NYC, offer mommy makeovers as an outpatient service.

During treatment, the surgeon will perform various procedures that are specifically tailored to your body changes and size. Although every mommy makeover procedure is completely different between two plastic surgery patients, there will always be a breast and abdomen adjustment to counter the effects of giving birth and breastfeeding on the body.

Tummy tuck

A tummy tuck is one of the procedures undertaken in a mommy makeover. This procedure involves removing excess fat from the abdomen and stomach area for a flatter and more even stomach. During the tummy tuck, the surgeon will first draw the areas where the incisions will be done. After that, you will be given anesthesia to stay unconscious during the procedure.

The surgeon will then cut out the excess fat and stitch you up when your desired tummy size is achieved.

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Breast augmentation

A breast enhancement procedure is usually necessary during a mommy makeover NYC. Breast enhancement may include getting implants to lift droopy breasts after months of breastfeeding. With breast implants, you can restore the fullness and lost the volume of the breasts making you look young and vibrant again. Breast augmentation can also help in evening out the size of your breasts and make you look much better.

Breast reduction

After childbirth, you may start getting larger breasts for the purpose of breastfeeding. While this is quite convenient for the newborn, it may be frustrating for you. Getting used to these body changes can be quite difficult and could need some reciprocative action. Breast reduction is a common procedure when getting a mommy makeover NYC. If your breasts feel too big after childbirth, you can visit Discreet Plastic Surgeon NYC for the best breast reduction services in the city.


Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure so as to deals with excess fat in the body. After pregnancy, the body usually becomes heavier. You may need to go for liposuction to get rid of excess baby fat after childbirth. For most women, they prefer this method in general mommy makeovers.