Choosing the Right Type of Abdominoplasty in NYC For Your Needs

VASERshape2 - Choosing the Right Type of Abdominoplasty in NYC For Your Needs


Looking to get an abdominoplasty in Manhattan? Abdominoplasties are a type of medical procedure that remove excess fat and skin from the stomach. It is popularly known as a tummy tuck. These days the tummy tuck is especially popular with mothers, who like to combine the procedure with a breast lift as well. When done together, these are referred to as a “Mommy Makeover”.

There are three different versions of the tummy tuck in NYC to consider before making a decision. This post is going to briefly touch on all three, to help patients decide what’s right for their specific needs.


The Mini Tummy Tuck

This is the smallest tummy tuck procedure and is suitable for those looking for only minor changes. This Manhattan abdominoplasty involves a small portion of skin being removed from the tummy. The rest is closed back up, making the area tighter and smaller overall. During the operation, an incision is made beneath the navel, usually below the bikini line. While this is a less intensive procedure than other types of tummy tucks, it still tends to require painkillers and recovery time.


The Standard Tummy Tuck

This procedure comes in handy for those who have lost weight, but can’t seem to get rid of excess fat in the abdomen. Women with an extended tummy resulting from pregnancy are also prime candidates for the standard tummy tuck.

The incision that is made during this procedure is often larger compared to the mini tummy tuck procedure. It runs up between the hip bones and may leave a scar that is visible when wearing a bikini or lingerie. A slightly bigger portion of the skin is then removed, along with any fat that needs to be sucked out.

This surgical procedure is slightly more intensive, and a recovery takes a little longer, though usually not exceeding a month. Dr. Kaufman usually recommends bed rest for all standard tummy tuck patients. Any extensive movement risks harming your soon-to-be-flat belly.


The Extended Tummy Tuck

This procedure is only carried out on patients with an excessive amount of fat that circles the abdomen from the front to the back. The skin for such patients tends to sag a lot, so plastic surgeons see a need to remove a much larger amount of skin together with the excess fat.

Liposuction is done and the skin around the abdomen and hips get tightened. The belly button is always affected and definitely has to be repositioned. Patients then can expect to take up to a couple months to fully recover.

No two types of abdominoplasty in Manhattan are going to be quite the same, so that’s why Dr. Kaufman offers multiple options to fit his patient’s lifestyles and goals.

Dr. Kaufman of Discreet Plastic Surgery is available for consultations about all tummy tuck questions or concerns. Contact his office by visiting the website or calling(718) 705-9025.