Certain procedure that we follow when carrying out liposuction in NYC

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Liposuction NYC

This is one most popular plastic surgery procedure in the united states. If you have had a good diet as well as proper exercise, but your body has not responded to such body weight loss methods, then liposuction NYC is your last option. This plastic surgery procedure is meant to reduce excess body fats in the abdomen, hips, waist, back, buttock and other parts of the body.

Discreet surgeon NYC, Dr. Kaufman is conversant with the different techniques of performing liposuction. The most commonly used liposuction techniques at our clinic include; standard tumescent liposuction technique and laser liposuction. Dr. Kaufman uses laser energy in laser liposuction to rupture the fat cells, to liquify the fat deposits, to stimulate collagen formation and to coagulate small blood vessels. Normally, our surgeon will determine the best technique to use after having gone through careful consultation. We have a certain procedure that we follow when carrying out liposuction NYC, it is as follows;



Each of the patients who visit our clinic must first go through the consultation process. Just as any other surgery procedure, our surgeon must first consult with the patient before liposuction NYC.

During the consultation, you will be expected to give your aesthetic desire after the surgery. Moreover, your medical history will be reviewed to ensure that the surgery will be successful. Consultation enables our surgeon to design the right operative plan that will give you your desired result.



Liposuction NYC is classified as being minor or major surgery depending on the extent of surgery to be performed. Dr. Kaufman will request you to visit a medical doctor for necessary medical check-ups as a safety measure before carrying out the surgery. Preoperative instructions will be given to you, and all the necessary medication will be administered prior to the surgery. As a safety precaution and also as preparation, you will be instructed to avoid smoking and any kind of medication.


Liposuction surgery

There are varied ways in which liposuction can be performed. Each of the technique has its own expected outcome. However, for all the techniques of liposuction NYC, it will involve the making small incisions and inserting a hollow metal tube. The metal tube, called the cannula is used to aspirate fatty tissues. Dr. Kaufman uses the latest technique to perform liposuction.

This technique is known as tumescent liposuction. This technique involves the injection of tumescent fluid into the areas which are targeted. Normally, the fluid is mixed with local anesthesia to minimize bleeding during the operation. The fats are then sucked through the tube and hence leaving the targeted body part less fatty. Dr. Kaufman is a dedicated surgeon, and he is highly experienced as well. He performs liposuction to both men and women.

Liposuction NYC is normally done for cosmetic purposes. Both men and women who would like to improve their appearance by losing some body fats are best served by Dr. Kaufman. We are the best clinic with the best surgeon in the region. Liposuction surgery will thus never go wrong if you visit our clinic.