Candidates for the Tummy Tuck NYC procedure

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Tummy Tuck NYC

Sagging abdominal skin can be a major issue for people. The excess skin makes one feel uncomfortable with their appearance which can be depressing. Depending on the cause of the sagging sin, methods such as exercises and dieting may not solve the issue. The only effective method to get rid of this unwanted skin is undergoing surgery from a qualified plastic surgeon.

Tummy Tuck NYC services have now been made now available to prospective patients by Discreet Plastic surgeons NYC.

Candidates for the procedure

Women are the most affected by this condition. When women have had previous pregnancies, the abdominal muscles get weak and tend to sag on their waistline. No amount of exercising will solve this. Older people also tend to suffer from this condition greatly. Unlike young bodies whose skins are normally elastic and able to bounce back after tension, old bodies have lost their elasticity.

Old people with sagging abdominal skin are fit candidates for Tummy Tuck NYC. Other favorable candidates include individuals who have reached their ideal body weight and do not plan to gain anymore, people that have tried to get a flat tummy by exercises with no success and basically anyone is frustrated with the appearance of their abdomen.

Types of Tummy Tucks

There are two types of procedures that the surgeon can use to tuck the excess skin. Depending on the amount of skin to be tucked and the extent of loose muscles, the surgeon will determine if the patient should undergo a partial or complete tummy tuck. The partial tummy tuck is also called a mini tuck, and it is done when the excess skin to be gotten rid of is below the navel.

This is normally the case with most women seeking the procedure. The area affected during pregnancy is below the navel. For a mini tuck, the surgeon cuts an incision along the waistline from hip to hip. After getting rid of the excess skin, the surgeon then pulls the remaining skin intact and stitches the incision. The procedure involved in a complete tummy tuck is a bit different. Complete tucks are necessary when the excess skin is above the navel. This is common in older people.

In this procedure, in addition to the incision along the waistline, the surgeon also cuts around the navel as they eliminate the excess skin and tighten the underlying stomach muscles. After the surgeon sees you during consultation and examination, they will determine the best procedure for you and recommend it.

Care and Recovery

The patient is given pain relievers after the surgery to ease the pain during healing. After the surgery, the skin should not be strained with tension. Our surgeon advice patients to walk bent over for the first five to seven days. The patient is also advised to keep activities in the bare minimum for the first five to seven days.  The procedures will leave a scar just like any surgical operation.

Our qualified surgeon makes a low incision strategically positioning it where it can be concealed with undergarments. The surgeon will give you instructions on how to treat the scar during the healing process.