Can I Combine Liposuction & an Abdominoplasty in Manhattan?

discreet blog oct - Can I Combine Liposuction & an Abdominoplasty in Manhattan?

Spend a little time looking up cosmetic surgeries and you’ll see a lot of conflicting messages. Professional plastic surgeons may say one thing, then amateurs will say something else, and of course the internet offers a million different opinions. Altogether this can make it very confusing for the average person who is just trying to do their due diligence.


One common question that plastic surgeons often get is whether or not it’s safe to get both liposuction and an abdominoplasty in Manhattan at the same time. This article will cut all the clutter and give you the details about getting lipo and a tummy tuck in the same procedure.


Background Info


A liposuction and a tummy tuck perform similar functions, so it’s easy to see why some patients would want to package them into one extended procedure. Why go back to the plastic surgeon twice for two procedures when you can combine them into one?


Looking at it from a big picture, it makes sense. The Manhattan abdominoplasty will open up the abdomen and tighten up the skin, while the liposuction will remove any fat, giving you an overall slimmer figure.


Is it Safe?


Since it makes so much sense to get these two complementing procedures at the same time, it begs the question, is it safe to do so? While there’s no 100% definitive answer, the general consensus among professional plastic surgeons is that yes, it can be safe to get both at the same time.


Why is There Still a Debate?


Consider it more of a ‘sort of’ yes rather than a 100% guarantee. It depends on the specific procedures the patient is looking for, their current health and fitness, and how the procedure goes once underway.


This is why there are so many competing opinions online. If both the liposuction and abdominoplasty in Manhattan will be relatively minor procedures, then yes, it’s more than likely that you can combine the two into one.


If the patient is looking for some more major cosmetic surgery, this is where things get sticky. The American Society Plastic Surgeons suggests that patients spend no more than 6 hours in the operating room at any one time. Furthermore, general anesthesia has time limitations to prevent severe risks. So if the surgeon likes to take their time, or if the patient wants a significant change, it might need to be broken up to ensure safety.


Staying under anesthesia for too long creates a whole plethora of complications, so for many plastic surgeons it’s easier to simply tell patients ‘no’ then get their hopes up. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, though. Talk to your trusted plastic surgeon, Dr. Kaufman, about your options and the best way to combine procedures and get your dream body!