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Answers About Getting A Tummy Tuck In Manhattan


Looking young and skinny forever is the greatest dream of many women. However, many women are finding it hard to lose all the weight around their tummy, especially after pregnancy. This can be due to the fact that the rectus abdominal muscles are stretched, contributing to a lower abdomen “bulge” after pregnancy. When proper dieting and exercising fail to address that section of sagginess around your abdomen, then a Manhattan abdominoplasty surgery, that removes skin and fat from the entire abdominal area may be a good option for patients interested in minimizing the bulge.


Tummy tuck is the term used by many people, but the procedure is actually known as “Abdominoplasty” in the medical field. By this surgical method, stubborn fat in the abdominal area that does not respond to diet and exercise can be removed during a tummy tuck by removing the excess hanging skin, while the abdominal muscles are stretched, giving a flat and toned look to the abdomen area. Thus, a Manhattan plastic surgeon will separate the skin from your abdomen via surgery and then pull it tight over your belly. This requires a hip-to-hip incision and another incision around the navel to loosen the skin from your body. Once stretched across your belly, the excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is stitched into place. Sometimes a new hole is also made for your navel.


During the procedure, a Manhattan plastic surgeon will make an incision on your abdomen based on the results you’re looking for and then pull the skin tight across the area. You should always talk with a tummy tuck Manhattan doctor about the results you’re expecting to achieve and the specifics of what will be done in your particular case. Once the surgery is completed, patients will need to spend some time recovering. This means that you’ll be left with a sore belly for a few weeks. You may be prescribed medication that will help heal the wounds and you will need to stay away from exercising for some time so your body can heal properly.


Also, It is essential for any patient wanting to undergo a tummy tuck in Manhattan to make sure they’re in perfectly healthy shape for the surgery. For this reason and more it is crucial to have a consultation with a Manhattan plastic surgeon, so that he/she can examine the overall elasticity of the  skin around your abdomen and look for areas of fat deposits. In addition an assessment of the abdominal muscles will help to verify if tightening will improve your tummy tuck operation results. The surgeon will also likely perform some blood work to make sure that you are healthy enough to have the procedure done. You don’t want to have any type of complications that can cause a problem before, during or after the tummy tuck.


If you’ve been tirelessly working out, but still not getting the results you want in your abdomen area and you’ve thought about getting an abdominoplasty surgery, then now is a good time to take action. A tummy tuck in Manhattan may be the perfect solution for you to get that perfect tummy, you’ve been working so hard for.