All you need to know about tummy tuck NYC


At discreet plastic surgery, dr. Daniel Kaufman performs tummy tuck procedure, which is also termed as abdominoplasty. This surgical procedure involves the removal of excess skin and fat tissues in the abdomen to achieve a tighter muscle of the abdominal wall. Before you tell whether this procedure is effective or not, you need to know more details of this tummy tuck NYC procedure.


Candidates for tummy tuck procedure

People who seek for this surgical procedure have excess or sagging abdominal skin. Usually, this results when a person loses excess weight leaving the extra skin sagging. The other condition that requires this kind of surgery is the protrusion of the abdomen out of the right proportion with the body.  Moreover, this procedure is suitable for people whose abdominal muscle has been weakened. When you also have excess fatty tissues, which concentrates in your abdomen, then you need to seek for the tummy tuck NYC procedure from the discreet plastic surgery center.


Types of abdominoplasty

The different types of abdominoplasty depend on the amount of fatty tissue and skin tissue that you have in your tummy. There is a mini-abdominoplasty which is suitable for those people who have less excess skin and fat. The other type, the full abdominoplasty, is suitable for patients who have significant skin and significant excess fat.  The two types of tummy tuck NYC are done by the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Kaufman.


Tummy tuck NYC procedure

The entire abdominoplasty procedure requires much time. The surgeon will need to prepare you for the surgery, and the actual surgery and also the recovery period. This procedure is painful as well and highly uncomfortable; therefore, the surgeon at discreet plastic surgery will use suitable techniques to minimize pain. Normally, the procedure involves making incisions in the belly and extracting excess fat. After extraction of the fat, the surgeon will sew the skin back leaving you with no scar. Dr. Kaufman is a specialized surgeon who has performed several tummy tuck NYC procedures.


The reasons why you should seek tummy tuck

Before you get tummy tuck procedure, ensure that you have children and you are not planning on getting more. This is because tummy tuck can be risky for your pregnancy. Some factors make one’s tummy and skin to sag. Age is one of the factors, as one gets older, the muscle holding the tummy loosens. The other factor that makes the tummy to sag is genetics. Some families have a history of sagging skin and sagging fats.

Moreover, due to pregnancy, some people’s belly skin and fats fails to retract leaving a hanging tissue of skin and fats entirely. If you want to have an excellent abdominal shape, the best thing to do is to visit a plastic surgery surgeon. Most people who have belly fat lack confidence. To regain your confidence, the best and most effective procedure to undertake is the tummy tuck surgery. You will also look better when you wear your dresses without a protruding tummy.