How an Abdominoplasty in Manhattan Can Be Good For Your Health

discreet blog nov - How an Abdominoplasty in Manhattan Can Be Good For Your Health


Most of the people who choose to have a tummy tuck do so for its cosmetic benefits. Besides having a tighter, firmer and a more flattering belly outline, a tummy tuck has a lot to offer in terms of medical benefits. Here are six health benefits of getting an abdominoplasty in Manhattan.

Better Mental Health

When you do not like what you see in the mirror, it’s hard to have a positive outlook in any other aspect of life – your personal attitude affects your day-to-day living. For instance, healthy personal relationships are vital for your overall mental health. Human beings are social animals, but low self-esteem can interfere with how you relate to others. If you dislike your appearance, you may not be able to share intimate moments with your partner. It may lead to strained relationships and may lower your esteem. People who have undergone an abdominoplasty in Manhattan have had improved self-esteem which in turn has boosted their mental health.

Easier to Manage Weight Loss

Research has shown that after having a tummy tuck, bariatric patients are usually able to maintain their weight loss. Bariatric surgery is aimed at reducing belly size and promoting weight loss. Researchers discovered that when bariatric surgery was combined with a tummy tuck, the post-surgery weight gain was significantly lower than that of those who did not have a tummy tuck.

Reduces Stress Urinary Incontinence

Women who have had a vaginal birth often develop urinary incontinence (also known as SUI). When someone is suffering from SUI, the bladder may empty when they sneeze, cough or even laugh. During a tummy tuck, the doctor can also perform a procedure that obstructs the bladder with soft tissue. This process has helped to stop SUI in many women.

Improved Posture

Too much around your middle can be hard on your back. If you have weak abdominal muscles and excess fat around your abdomen, you are likely to experience a condition referred to as ‘swayback’. This usually causes back pain and poor posture. After having a Manhattan abdominoplasty, you will have tighter abdominal muscles and less excess fat and skin – thus leading to improved spine support.

Improved Exercise Tolerance

Having a lot of fat, plus weak abdominal muscles, can make it very hard to exercise. After an abdominoplasty, most patients find aerobic activities more enjoyable. A tummy tuck can make it easier for someone to move around comfortably, run faster, and last longer when working out. It can also assist with self esteem issues that may have formerly prevented the patient from wearing appropriate fitness clothing, playing team sports, or even just visiting the gym.

Relief From Hernias

Weak abdominal muscles may cause ventral hernias. This condition is characterized by abdominal tissue pushing through the abdominal wall. It is mostly experienced by individuals who have gone through a C-section or appendectomy. When having an abdominoplasty in Manhattan, the abdominal muscles are tightened, which then reduces the risk of ventral hernia.

If you are in Manhattan and would want to have a tummy tuck, remember that only a certified plastic surgeon can determine if it is right for you. Contact Dr. Kaufman, the trusted and experienced surgeon at Discreet Plastic Surgery, by calling(718) 705-9025.