4 things you should know about a tummy tuck surgery

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Plastic surgery incorporates various types of medical procedures. Depending on the intended result, plastic surgery can be performed on whichever place on the body. Plastic surgery is commonly used for cosmetic purposes with the most common procedure is a tummy tuck. In 2015, tummy tucks were the third most done cosmetic procedure throughout the world.

Tummy tucks are usually requested from both male and female plastic surgery patients. A tummy tuck can simply be referred to as a reduction of fat from the abdomen and stomach area. As you consider reducing your tummy, you should know a couple of things before visiting a tummy tuck surgeon NYC. One of the most important things is that the procedure may leave you with some minor scarring.

There are a few scars after the procedure

Depending on the type of tummy tuck procedure that has been done, you may have either large or small scars around the area. If you want to remove a large part of the tummy, the plastic surgeon may have to cut across the whole abdomen. The scar may be from hip to hip. However, the tummy tuck surgeon NYC will try to hide the scar below the bikini line.

You may also observe some scars around your belly button. During a tummy tuck procedure, the belly button has to be moved in order to place it more evenly with the new tummy. At Discreet Plastic Surgeon NYC, you can get a mini tummy tuck where the surgeon will only remove a bit of the fat leaving you with minor scars.

A tummy tuck is not the same as weight loss

Plastic surgery is usually used to provide results that wouldn’t be realized easily through physical exercise. For people who are not capable of losing weight normally, they can opt for plastic surgery for an easier effort. However, plastic surgery is not a replacement for weight loss.

Every tummy tuck surgeon NYC will advise you against getting a tummy tuck procedure to reduce weight. The procedure is usually seen as a continuing procedure in weight loss and not a weight loss the opportunity. Visit Discreet Plastic Surgeon NYC to get proper guidelines and advice about how best to undergo a tummy tuck procedure.

It is not insured

Tummy tuck procedure, as well as other plastic surgery procedures,  are usually quite expensive. What’s more, the insurance does not cover these procedures. Since plastic surgery is purely cosmetic, insurance companies do not classify it as a health treatment meaning you will have to pay it yourself. However, you may look for insurance companies that cover part of the cost to make it less expensive.

The surgeon may recommend other procedures

A tummy tuck surgeon NYC is a professional medical specialist. If necessary, he may opt for additional plastic surgery procedures that will add on to the generally expected outcome. During the consultation session, the plastic surgeon will give you the possible procedures that they will carry out as well as potential procedures that could improve your appearance altogether.