4 Different types of breast surgery

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Breast surgery has gained a lot of popularity in recent years with more and more people seeking plastic surgery for breast enhancement. Breast surgery NYC is available in various plastic surgery facilities across the city. However, if you wish to get breast surgery, you should ensure that you go for an accredited facility. Discreet plastic surgery NYC provides top-notch breast surgery services as well as plastic surgery consultation. Below are a variety of breast surgery services offered at their plastic surgery clinic.

Breast Lift

Breast lifts are one of the most commonly requested types of breast surgery NYC. A breast lift is usually recommended when the breast is too heavy for the surrounding skin. If the skin above the breast is not healthy enough to hold the breast in place, the breasts will sag. This condition, also known as ptosis, is when there is more skin tissue than breast tissue. For such a case, we recommend a breast lift to counter the sagging effect of the breasts. During the plastic surgery treatment, the plastic surgeon will have to remove some of the excess skin tissue for the skin to be firm and taut.

Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction refers merely to changing the whole breast altogether. At Discreet plastic surgery NYC, you can get various services for improving the appearance and shape of the breasts. Before treatment, the plastic surgeon works together with you to come up with the expected outcome so that he can deliver your exact expectation. The plastic change will change the nipple position or even size depending on your preference. A breast implant can also be used to make the breasts bigger or to match the size of both breasts. And lastly, the dentist will look at changing the contours to make the breast more appealing.

Breast reduction

Having large breasts can be very discomforting at times. Sometimes, dense breasts can strain your back and neck making you feel tired and worn out. Nonetheless, breast surgery NYC can be applied in reducing the size of the breast to a more moderate size. In this plastic surgery treatment, the plastic surgeon will have to remove some fat and skin from the breast area. After breast reduction, you should expect some pain and sometimes multiple scarring. However, the plastic surgeon will leave normal breast sensation intact after breast reduction.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a standard procedure in breast surgery NYC. A lot of women go for breast augmentation to improve the appearance and contour of their breasts. In breast augmentation, the plastic surgeon may use implants to increase the size of the breasts and also change the shape of the breasts. The plastic surgeon will provide a range of silicone implants from which you can choose your preferred size of dental implants. However, you may have to get saline based implants if you do not qualify for silicon-based implants. Before going for breast augmentation, always consult your plastic surgeon about any risks that pertain to the treatment.