3 major procedures undertaken in breast surgery

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In plastic surgery, a large number of patients are usually women. Plastic surgery is all about improving appearance and increasing cosmetic value of the individual. One of the most ordinary services you can get at a plastic surgery clinic is breast surgery. Breast surgery NYC refers to the surgical enhancement or reduction of breasts to achieve an aesthetic value.

When you visit a plastic surgeon for breast surgery, there are a variety of procedures that they can apply depending on your expected outcome. Sometimes, breast surgery is performed in a mommy makeover to restore the look and appearance of the breasts before childbirth. For the best breast surgery services in the city, you can visit Discreet Plastic Surgeon NYC. They have proficient medical specialists who can deal with any of your plastic surgery needs.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a type of breast surgery NYC which is done to improve the size, contours, and appearance of the breasts. When the breast is not entirely symmetrical to your body or to the other breast, breast augmentation is usually recommended. The plastic surgeon will adjust your breasts to the size and appearance that appeals to you most.

Breast augmentation may involve the use of breast implants to change the size of your breasts. However, the plastic surgeon will inform you prior to the procedure. With implants, you can choose whichever size you want.

At Discreet Plastic Surgeon NYC for instance, the plastic surgeon will provide you with an array of breast implants in different sizes. After selecting the best size, the surgeon will perform the procedure and give you a transformed breast.

Breast reconstruction

As the name suggests, this process focuses on recreating the breast and improving the appearance, volume and contour. During this procedure, the plastic surgeon may also recreate the nipple-areola component if necessary to improve the functioning of the breast. In breast reconstruction, the plastic surgeon can increase the volume of the breast either using an implant or using the woman’s own tissue.

For implants, the surgeon can choose from a variety of sizes. However, for breast reconstruction from body tissue, the surgeon will have to remove extra tissue from the lower abdominal area or the buttocks. After the procedure, the surgeon will conceal the stitches making it impossible to know that the procedure was done.

Breast reduction

Breast surgery NYC also includes breast reduction procedures. For women with large and heavy breasts, their breasts may become uncomfortable at times. What’s more, the excess weight brought by the heavy breasts can cause skin irritation, back pain and ruin all your bra straps. A breast reduction procedure can be quite convenient for such women.

During a breast reduction, the plastic surgeon usually focuses on reducing the size, volume and contours of the breast but preserves nipple sensation and milk production. This ensures that the function of the breast is well maintained. Although breast reduction cannot be done without a few scars around your breasts, it offers great convenience to the surgery patients.

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