Liposuction Manhattan Procedure

In a place like Manhattan where life is always on the fast lane, becoming beautifully sculpted is a necessity and getting the right shape is a must. Discreet Plastic Surgery is a clinic that performs trusted and proven liposuction in Manhattan, with results that continue to please new and old patients alike.

Our clinic Manhattan has a liposuction procedure that is a culmination of science and art. We incorporate art with scientific procedures to give you a beautiful shape. With respected reconstructive and plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Kaufman, we use exceptional technical skills and employ real artistic vision. Discreet Plastic Surgery serves both men and women, removing excess fats from areas such as the abdomen, flanks and hips, thighs, knees, buttocks, necks, chins, and more.

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The liposuction procedure

Before the procedure

  • Set your goals as we set the plan. Before undergoing into the actual procedure, Dr. Kaufman will discuss in detail your aesthetic goals as he defines a customized plan on your way to the body transformation. Like every medical procedure, the doctor will review your medical and surgical history to evaluate your eligibility for the process. The patient will have to undergo into a physical examination before Dr. Kaufman creates the plan.
  • Get yourself ready. Liposuction is not an overnight process, it requires substantive preparation and medical attention even after the procedure. Getting yourself ready before getting onto the liposuction bed is vital. Dr. Kaufman may request you to visit a medical doctor for any possible laboratory work, X-rays, examinations and others.

    You will also be asked to avoid smoking, aspirin-containing medications, blood-thinning drugs, and anti-inflammatory products such as ibuprofen. You will also receive necessary prescriptions such as vitamins and minerals.

    Get a lot of rest the day before, and wear comfortable clothing on the day of the procedure.

During the procedure

  • Anesthesia and sedation. Our Manhattan clinic’s liposuction process is performed under general anesthesia, and medical sedation. Patients can find all the details from Dr. Kaufmanwho will also help you take on the best anesthesia plan for your procedure.
  • Liposuction techniques. The liposuction technique involves the doctor making very tiny incisions, about one-fourth inch, to insert the cannula, a hollow metal tube for the inserting fluids and targeting fatty tissues. Incisions are made inareas such as the navel, body folds, and buttocks creases to lessen the visibility of scars.
  • Advanced techniques. Dr. Kaufman takes great pride in performing tumescent liposuction, one of the most advanced procedures in cosmetic plastic surgery. Tumescent fluid, a dilute solution of vasoconstricting agent and local anesthesia, is injected into areas to decrease bleeding. The doctor then uses the cannula to removeexcess bodyfat. Closing the incisions is done through small stitches. An elastic garment is used by patients during recovery.

After the procedure

  • Getting the best results. With our liposuction process, patients are guaranteed to haveoptimum results. We create well-proportioned curves and contours with unseen scarring from the procedure. Patients usually experience additional weight loss because of the increased physical activity after the process.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and exercise. Because long-term results are affected by various lifestyles and genetic factors, Dr. Kaufman strongly tells patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle – eating the right food and doing regular exercises.
  • Get someone to help you. It is also imperative to have someone like a chaperone to accompany you home after the operation and procedure. Moreover,communicating with someone to help you in post-operation household chores and rigorous activities is highly needed.

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