Upper Eyelid Surgery Summer Special | ONLY $2999 NYC and Brooklyn

EYELID SURGERY / Blepharoplasty is one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures. Cosmetic eyelid surgery is a procedure done to remove fat, excess skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids.

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DERMAL FILLERS SPECIAL -Radiesse $599 ONLY,  Juvéderm® $599 ONLY, Chemical Peel ONLY $150/session. | For individuals who are looking to defy the signs of aging, Discreet Plastic Surgery is happy to bring you our new summer promotion on facial fillers in New York City and Brooklyn.

Fillers are administered by our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Daniel Kaufman. Offer valid for a limited time only. Subject to clinical approval by Dr. Kaufman. Offer expires 06/30/17. Call Discreet Plastic Surgery office in Manhattan at 212-444-9095 or Brooklyn 718-705-9025 to redeem offer.

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Radiesse 1.5CC Spring Special | ONLY $599 NYC and Brooklyn

DERMAL FILLERS SPECIAL -Radiesse $599 ONLY | For individuals who may not quite be ready for a brow lift or a face lift in New York City and Brooklyn to treat wrinkles, our plastic surgery office offers dermal fillers at promotional price.
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Ear Surgery NYC Special | Valentine’s Day


In the loving spirit of Valentine’s Day, give your loved ones life-lasting present.

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Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty or ear pinning surgery, is a surgical procedure designed to correct protruding ears by setting them back closer to the head, and to reduce the size of overly large ears. Ear surgery may also be helpful for cupped ears, lop ears, as well as large, irregular, or stretched earlobes.

Facial Fillers and Eyelid Surgery Special

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Tummy Tucks For Him: Manhattan Abdominoplasty for Men


Can Men Get Abdominoplasty?

Up until recently, cosmetic surgery was thought of as exclusively for women. Things have changed, though, and plastic surgeries among men have become very common. Several Manhattan abdominoplasty clinics provide men with cosmetic services that give the appearance of a younger, healthier, and more toned body. Men struggle with diet and exercise just like women do, and they face increasing pressure to have the perfect body and face. Those that do exercise and eat well may find that all of their efforts are ineffective against stubborn fat – especially in the belly area. For men like this, an abdominoplasty in Manhattan can deliver better health and self image.

Male abdominoplasty is essentially the same process as female abdominoplasty, but with different requests for the end result. Men tend to seek a  more ‘finely sculpted’ physique, with contours and cuts that are well-defined. Manhattan abdominoplasty clinics for men provide specialized surgeries that give men tighter abdominal muscles and a well-defined, masculine profile. Men can also get a slimmer waistline, which is crafted to suit their personal preferences and body proportions.

How Does a Tummy Tuck Work?

A Manhattan tummy tuck is a simple procedure. Canulas are inserted into areas of the body that have high fat deposits. The fat is then dislodged and suctioned out from the body. After reducing the size of a protruding belly, several ‘tightening’ procedures may be performed to flex the skin and muscles of the abdomen. An effective male tummy tuck can result in a tighter, flatter and perfectly contoured mid-section.


However, all men should keep in mind that a successful Manhattan tummy tuck surgery does not guarantee eternal fitness. To stay in good shape, it is necessary to eat well and stay active. Long periods of inactivity combined with an imbalanced diet will mar the results of even the best abdominoplasty surgery.

Who Should Get a Tummy Tuck?

Getting a tummy tuck is quite safe and, if done properly, rarely poses any risk. Anyone who wishes to get their mid-section in shape, regardless of gender, can opt for abdominoplasty in Manhattan. The surgery is ideal for those men who have:

  • Weak abdominal muscles
  • Sagging belly skin
  • Excess fat deposits beneath the abdominal skin
  • An exceeding waistline
  • Visible stretch marks due to weight loss
  • Deformed mid-section
  • Significantly noticeable love handles
  • Loose and hanging bellies

Dr. Daniel Kaufman is an experienced and highly qualified plastic surgeon in Manhattan. He is always willing to provide his patients with useful advice on cosmetic surgery and other body enhancement procedures. Information regarding abdominoplasty and other forms of plastic surgery can be found at: discreetplasticsurgery.com.

Eyelid Surgery Special | New York & Brooklyn Plastic Surgery


Whether you want to improve your appearance or are experiencing functional problems with your eyelids, eyelid surgery can rejuvenate the area surrounding your eyes. Call 718.705.9025 today and schedule FREE consultation with Dr. Daniel Kaufman, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon.


Happy Mother’s Day!

One day a year isn’t enough to show appreciation to the women in our lives, so we are celebrating MOTHER’S MONTH! Botox and Fillers at incredible prices for Mother’s Day Special. Call 718.705.9025 to make an appointment. Deal expires 5/31/2016.

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Plastic Surgeon in Manhattan Suggests Ways to Get Rid of Your Post-Pregnancy Belly

Discreet-Plastic-Surgery-Center-Manhattan-NY-Ways-to-Get-Rid-of-Your-Post-Pregnancy-BellyThe post-partum period can prove to be a challenging stage for new mothers, both physically and mentally. You probably loved to watch your belly grow during your pregnancy. But since you’ve given birth and have been left with a hanging belly, it’s not so endearing anymore. A postpartum belly is a result of the abdominal skin losing its elasticity because it’s been extensively stretched during pregnancy. With my years of experience as a plastic surgeon in Manhattan, I’ve had a number of moms consult with me to address their unsightly loose, stretched skin and excess fat through surgery. An important point that I make with my patients is that cosmetic procedures should not be used as alternatives to weight loss and getting back into healthy physical shape. They are, however, excellent options if you’ve done all that you can through diet and exercise.

What are my options for a flatter stomach?

In Manhattan, liposuction and abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck) are two of the most popular approaches to achieving a flatter, smoother, and tighter abdomen. Depending on the clinical situation, I may recommend one over the other – or sometimes even both.

Liposuction is a common procedure that involves removal of excess fat deposits in various localized areas of the body. We do this using special suction equipment, and can do this under general or local anesthesia. Liposuction is certainly an effective way of getting rid of that postpartum belly fat and improving the contour. However, if this is performed when the abdomen already has loose skin, it can exaggerate the appearance of stretch marks and cause dimpling. Liposuction also can’t resolve damaged or separated abdominal muscles.

For a firmer abdomen, including getting rid of those ugly stretch marks and tightening damaged abdominal muscles, the real solution I offer is a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of extra fat and skin from the lower abdomen and tightening of the abdominal wall, resulting in a smoother and flatter abdominal profile.

In most cases, I do a combination of both approaches for enhanced and long-lasting results. A thorough consultation and physical examination with an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon is very important in deciding which operation and what approach are the best options for you.

Am I good candidate for these procedures?

I typically recommend cosmetic surgery to women whose weight is stable and who are in overall good health.
Keep in mind that if you are still planning to have more children, a tummy tuck procedure, or its’ variants, may not be a good choice for you. In general, I do not recommend any of the abdominoplasty procedures to my patients unless they are done with child-bearing. Be sure to schedule a thorough evaluation with a reputable Board-certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan to get the story straight.

Mommy Makeovers – How Soon Is Too Soon? Get the Answer from Your Favorite Manhattan Plastic Surgeon


We all keep a close eye on our most favorite celebrities, especially when they get pregnant and start setting new fashion trends with their maternity wear! Soon after the birth of their babies, the paparazzi lens fools us into believing that celebrity moms go back to their pre-baby bodies instantly. However, as explained by your trusted Manhattan plastic surgeon, it’s extremely important to understand that such drastic body transformations require time and effort. Your body goes through natural changes after giving birth, and it usually takes several months for the body to regain its pre-pregnancy form.

During pregnancy, your body produces many hormones for the proper growth and nourishment of your baby. This normal hormonal cycle, along with the baby growing inside you, causes many changes throughout the pregnancy in order to accommodate this growth. Finally, after giving birth, your breasts engorge to produce milk for the baby. When these changes are no longer required, your skin contracts to varying degrees in order to return to its pre-pregnancy form. But, often times, the desired return leaves many women disappointed.

Despite regular exercise and proper diet, many women are left with extra skin and fatty tissue in the lower abdomen after pregnancy. Also, even after the breasts have returned to their pre-pregnancy weight, they seem to have lost their volume and shape. The result, unfortunately, is a body that differs vastly from what we used to know.

In such situations, a mommy makeover is a feasible surgical procedure to rectify these changes that your body has undergone. Mommy makeovers usually include an abdominoplasty, usually called a ‘tummy tuck’, a breast lift, breast augmentation or breast reduction, and liposuction.

Liposuction in Manhattan has gained massive acceptance and popularity, owing to the expert cosmetic surgeons in that area. The same can be said for breast augmentation and tummy tuck procedures in Manhattan. New York City has some of the best plastic surgeons in the world, and the options for women here are better than ever before.

One point that I always stress to my patients is that these cosmetic surgeries should only be used for body contouring, and not as a substitute for weight loss. In order to ensure a safe surgery and long-lasting results, the mothers should be in the best physical shape possible and at their ideal body weight for at least 6 months. Stopping, or at least diminishing breast feeding is also preferable, since breast surgery changes, even if only temporarily, your breastfeeding abilities. I always advise my patients to be sure that they complete their childbearing before they head for a ‘mommy makeover‘. It’s absolutely possible, and there’s plenty of precedent, to have a successful pregnancy after a mommy makeover, but to optimize results, and make sure that they are long-lasting, it’s best to follow my advice. Every pregnancy can and will change your body, so keep that in mind and consider it carefully. The important thing is to understand that pregnancy is a beautiful process and the vast majority of women enjoy the journey. Different women, however, will recover from pregnancy changes at different rates. So, careful consideration before embarking on the mommy makeover procedures is best.

Make sure you choose the right plastic surgeon for you. A surgeon who certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is always a safe place to start. Take a close look at their previous surgical outcomes and ask where your surgery will be performed. Make sure that the surgical procedure will be performed in an accredited facility which is well-equipped to deal with any emergency that may arise during or after the procedure. Also, make sure to look at plenty before-and-after picture to get a real sense of your probable results. And most importantly, make sure that your Manhattan plastic surgeon is kind, warm, and is a team-player that you can really work with.