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“There aren’t words to describe how appreciative I am of this doc and his staff. I don’t know what my results will be but the bedside manner of Dr. Kaufman and staff is superb. He reassured me pre-op, discussed what if scenarios and which hospital he has access to if there were surprises. His office has a full accredited ambulatory operation which is sterile and staff is very friendly. There weren’t any surprises, thank god! My nurse stayed with me the whole time when I came out of anesthesia. During that time the doc came by my room 4 times, the anesthesiologist checked on me, another guy who was in the room at the time of my surgery, all at different moments. I felt cared for. I Visited two other docs before I made my decision. First doc, a friend recommended. I Looked him up and bad reviews every where, some of his certificates were purchased. The second doc, I found on the board of plastic surgeons website. He was good but his staff was rude. Looking at my purse as if trying to figure out my income. The third, Dr. Kaufman has the combination: certified, accredited ambulatory service( yes I looked it up), funny, great staff, they really function as a team. After care follow up I can’t comment on because I didn’t do it yet but fro experience today I don’t expect anything but exemplary service.”




“My daughter’s fingertip was accidentally severed in a heavy door. Dr. Kaufman arrived at the hospital very quickly. My daughter was hysterical and needed to be sedated to reattach the tip. Needless to say it was a very traumatic experience for my family. Dr. Kaufman was calm, reassuring and above all competent. He is excellent at what he does. He did not make any promises but he did it and her finger looks nearly perfect. His office is amazing. His staff is very professional and pleasant. I am so grateful to you Dr. Kaufman – we all are!”

Cami D.



“Dr. Daniel Kaufman was thorough and honest with his answers. He didn’t pressure me and he has the necessary humor to make you feel comfortable. I’ve already recommended him! I will definitely obtain his services when I am ready.

Adrienne A.


“Great Doctor! very personable. Answered all my questions and took his time to explain the procedure and possible results. Very excited for my surgery.

Adrienne A.


“Dr. Kaufman is the best. Would recommend him anytime to anybody who needs the best Surgeon.”

Rosa M.


“He was very reassuring and frank with me. He actually turned me away for something he felt i did not need. Another person might have used that as an opportunity to make money.”

Melissa D.


“I saw Dr. Kaufman for Botox. He was very thorough explaining the why’s and wherefore’s of the product and communicating what would be best for a successful outcome. Only having Botox one other time with a different doc and being disappointed I was pleased Dr. Kaufman took the time to listen to my concerns. The first time I left with red knots all over my forehead that developed into bruises.; this time with Dr. Kaufman I left with nary a knot, redness or bruising. His technique and skill are impressive. Trust him!”

Marie T.



“Dr. Kaufman is phenomenal surgeon who cares for every patient that he sees. He is very pleasant and I really felt comfortable with him. He does very beautiful work as well. His office staff is very helpful and accommodating. I would recommend anyone looking for a board certified plastic surgeon to see Dr. Kaufman!”

Jenny W.


“Dr. Kaufman is great! Totally down to earth and he is not trying to sell you what you don’t need like most of the plastic surgeons. AMAZING…is this guy for real?! I will definitely go back for more treatments.”

Peter M.



“Dr Kaufman was absolutely fantastic! I am 30 and I went to Dr Kaufman for breast implants. Have to say my results are absolutely amazing!!! He advised me what was the best size for a natural look and also proportional to my body size. The results were exactly what I was looking for. I just had to write this review so I can encourage other girls to feel free to do the same thing. You do it all in one day, and leave the surgery center the same day. Perfect! I would highly recommend Dr Kaufman, you will be satisfied with the work he does and the staff is so kind and freindly!”



“My self esteem was so low and I was not happy with the size of my breasts (one of them was bigger than the other) and I was self conscious about my stomach after childbirth. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Kaufman, and when I went for my consultation, I immediately felt so much better. He is very professional and so friendly. He listened to all my concerns and really took his time to answer all my questions. After my consultation I had no doubt that this is the person who is going to change my life, I booked the surgery and I am so happy I did, my only regret is that I didn’t find Dr. Kaufman sooner!!! My results are amazing! I have the same body I had in high school, taut tummy and my breasts are perfect! I can finally wear a bikini. I am so happy and feel so much better about myself; it has definitely changed my life, Dr. Kaufman is magnificent!! I am also going to get botox in the next couple of days and for sure I will only trust Dr. Kaufman to get the job done. The office staff was very friendly and helpful too. The office is very warm, clean and well run. I definitely recommend him to everyone and I will refer him to all my friends. You will be in great hands and will feel happy as I do!! Thank you so much Dr. Kaufman.”




“I had surgery 2 weeks ago (breast lift) from Dr. Kaufman, I am so, so happy with my results, having nursed 3 boys each for a year, I didnt think anyone can bring the girls back to were they should be! He was very personable, knowlegeable, and highly skilled plastic surgeon, I would recommend going to him, hes not like other plastic surgeons, he cares!!!”

Josephine F.


“Dr. Kaufman Rocks!! He is cautiously proactive – he will get you through any complications your body throws at you – he will do it in a caring way that helps you keep your chin up the whole time ……..Many thanks doc…..”

Pearl C.


“A caring and skilled plastic surgeon. I would trust him a second time with my body and my life.”

Judy J.


Real Patient Ratings

“Dr. Kaufman is a caring, knowledgeable, and artistic skilled surgeon. He reduced and reshaped my breast with the eye and hands of a master artist. He reduced my breast as if he was Picasso painting a masterpiece.My breast look better now a year and half after my surgery than a few months after surgery. Dr. Kaufman is a talented and humane surgeon. He is the best.”



“I have never previously had surgery prior to sitting down with Dr. Kaufman and it couldn’t have gone any better. I had a breast augmentation – He is informative, answered all of my questions and was easy to get in touch with after surgery. His staff is very helpful and made me feel very comfortable. He set realistic expectations and gave me a lot of options prior to making a decision. I love the results, seriously the best purchase I have ever made. I will recommend him to anyone who asks.”



“Dr. Kaufman was very honest about the results that I could expect. He was funny and relaxed, but also compassionate during the injections. He warned me when the needle was coming. He included me in decisions about final touches to the procedure. I felt I could trust him completely. I also felt the procedure was competitively priced and I was offered a discount on my second visit for returning to the practice.”