Choosing a Top Plastic Surgeon

The ideal candidate for plastic surgery is a healthy, motivated, and realistic person. Patients with medical problems must have their issues addressed by their private physician before considering plastic surgery. When considering plastic surgery, your first and best move is a consultation with Board-certified plastic surgeon. Here are some questions to ask your plastic surgeon:

tick mark Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?

tick mark Are you a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons?

tick mark How many years of surgical training did you do?

tick mark Do you have hospital privileges to perform plastic surgery procedures?

tick mark If operating in an office-based surgical facility, is it certified by a nationally recognized accrediting organization?

tick mark What are some of the risks and potential complications associated with plastic surgery?

tick mark Can I see your “before-and-after” pictures?

Your Initial Consultation

Daniel Kaufman

Call us to speak with our friendly patient coordinator and schedule an appointment to visit and consult with us. During your consultation, which may last in excess of an hour, you will meet personally with Dr. Kaufman and discuss all matters relevant to your clinical situation. You and Dr. Kaufman will analyze your problem thoroughly, review all viable operative and non-operative options, assess your suitability for various procedures, define and understand all the risks, benefits, and alternatives, and formulate a treatment plan with the utmost effectiveness, safety, and feasibility. The consultation fee is $100, which is applied towards any procedure done within the upcoming year immediately following your consultation. Before any procedure is done, you must feel comfortable with our explanations and recommendations, and show an appropriate level of understanding of the procedure at hand.

We encourage you to meet and consult with two or three other Board-certified plastic surgeons before making your important decision. Please make sure that you get to actually meet the surgeon in person during your other consultations. Beware of unqualified ‘advisors’ who may be dispensing medical advice without any formal education and training in plastic surgery. Remarkably, this practice is not illegal and is quite common. After doing your homework, we are quite confident that we can satisfy all of your cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery needs.