30s For a Tummy Tuck in Manhattan: Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures by Age

dps-procedure-by-ageIf you’re considering an abdominoplasty, you’re likely to be in your early to mid-thirties. Nose job requests usually come from teens and young adults, while facelifts are most often for women age fifty and above. When it comes to a tummy tuck, Manhattan surgeons report that women in their thirties more often choose abdominoplasty. Age is though, as they say, just a number. Dr. Kaufman and his team have two main considerations when someone requests a procedure: one, are they legally old enough to have the procedure (with or without parental consent, as applicable), and two, would the procedure cause any detriment to their health or wellbeing?

Children and young teenagers cannot get plastic surgery, mainly because their bodies are still developing. Most surgeons recommend waiting until puberty is complete before making any major changes. One exception to this rule can be rhinoplasty, which is sometimes performed on patients as young as fifteen or sixteen years old. At this point the shape and size of the nose has been established, as the structure of the nose changes very little. If the patient has been unhappy with their nose for the majority of their life, a nose job may boost their self esteem. It is also worth noting that some medical issues, such as a deviated septum, may require rhinoplasty as a corrective procedure.

Women in their twenties tend to opt for breast enhancement procedures above all other options. Breast development is usually complete at this point, and the size or shape of the breasts can cause severe body issues for some women. Women who have always hated their flat chests might choose to have breast augmentation at this age, whereas women with painfully large breasts could have breast reduction surgery. Both actions are long lasting; saline and silicone implants are designed to last for years, while back and shoulder pain can be reduced or eliminated for a lifetime after a breast reduction.

Once age thirty rolls around, tummy tucks and liposuction in Manhattan become the procedures of choice. They are particularly popular among women who have had children, and wish to have their pre-baby bodies back. Abdominoplasty in Manhattan is often paired with a breast augmentation and lift, for a procedure that’s called a Mommy Makeover. Surgeons advise that women wait until they are completely done having children before getting a tummy tuck, and that breast enhancement surgery be postponed until breastfeeding is complete. As such, both remain as oft-requested surgeries for women in their forties and beyond.

When women hit the middle-aged years (generally around forty to fifty) they often notice wrinkles and signs of aging in the face. This is likely why eyelid lifts and facial rejuvenation procedures are the popular pick for women in this age range. Botox injections and facial fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are extremely effective in hiding wrinkles, and sometimes preventing future wrinkles from developing. Sun damage becomes more apparent at this age, prompting some to schedule chemical peels for their faces. It’s also a common age to look into tattoo and varicose vein removal.

Senior women tend to go for somewhat more dramatic facial procedures, and facelifts are the most popular choice for those in their fifties to sixties, and older. A facelift will smooth and tighten the facial skin, and tighten the muscles and tissue beneath. Excess skin and fat is removed as well. Facelift surgery is often combined with brow lifts, eye lifts, or a necklift. Doing the facelift along with the other procedures creates a natural, refreshed look that make someone look years younger!

Your age doesn’t define how you look, or what cosmetic surgery options are available to you. New Yorkers can be twenty-five and want Botox, or be sixty-five and want a tummy tuck. Manhattan surgeon Dr. Kaufman is the best choice for discreet, safe, and beautiful results.

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